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Posts from ‘August, 2005’

Day in Hong Kong

Monday morning, 1 August, we flew from Haikou to Hong Kong where we had reservations for a hotel in the Kowloon part of town. We were very glad that our teacher friend James went as far through airport checkin as possible since we hit a few snags with people who did not speak English. After taking care of several things at the Hong Kong airport, which bills itself as the "Best Airport in the World" and, from what we saw, it deserves that title, we took the fast train into the city, then a shuttle bus to very near our hotel. Below is a picture of the street where we descended from the shuttle bus.

After freshening up in our room, we set off to visit some of the city. As we strolled to the subway station, we spotted another street sign that reminded us that where we were now was very different from where we had been.

We took the subway just one stop away to stroll through Hong Kong Park. It was a beautiful area, full of free things to visit and enjoy. The park is apparently a popular place for weddings. Here's a bride we saw posing for some pictures.

We saw many more birds here. Below is the picture of one funny looking bird.

We saw some interesting trees and couldn't tell if it was all one tree or several grown together.

And there were several ponds with fish, turtles, and a variety of different lily pads. Below is a beautiful shot of some water plants.

A short walk from Hong Kong Park was the Peak Tram. The trip up and later back down was really neat and afforded some great views of the city. Below are two shots - one from inside the tram showing the angle at which we were climbing and one of the city from "up there."

After we were back down, we took a bus to ride the ferry back to the Kowloon district. Here's a beautiful sunset scene from the ferry.

In the afternoon as we walked to our hotel, we saw a restaurant where some young men were making "pulled noodles" in the front window. We decided then that, unless we saw something more interesting, we'd eat our last dinner in China in that restaurant. Below is a picture of the noodle pulling process.

Below is a picture of the noodles we enjoyed - noodles and pork meatballs with the first cheese we had been served during our entire time in China.

I will leave the "Asia" category "out there" for people to enjoy, but I foresee no updates until we go to Asia again. I'll let people know of any further updates to that category through my weekly iv's.

Thanks for your interest!

BTW, if you'd like to see it, I've put a video clip from a taxi ride out on my website. It's found at http://www.ivman.com/taxiride.html

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