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Go West, Old Man! Go East, Young Man and Old Man!

I am breaking my "blogging fast" to tell you about the trip I made the week after school was out. One of the sons of long-time friends of ours has been living in Oregon for three years, first doing an internship in a church, then completing a masters degree. After visiting family here in Greenville over the Christmas break, he and his wife realized how much they missed both sides of the family and decided that they wanted to move back here when David's school year was over.

When David's dad Rick and I were talking after church the first Sunday in April, I asked about their upcoming move. He told me that Hattie and their soon-to-be-two-year-old son Apollo were going to fly back later in April. David was going to drive their car, towing a big U-Haul trailer back to South Carolina the second week of May. Rick wasn't excited about his making the trip alone. Knowing that I wouldn't want to make that trip alone myself, I told him I would be happy to drive back with David, if I could get my body to Oregon. Rick said he would fly me to Oregon if I would drive back with David. Becka thought it was a great idea and said she was glad it was I who was making the drive and not she. Rick checked with David, just to be sure he was willing to spend 5 days on the road with me, and he was!

The least expensive ticket I could find had me arriving several days before David would be able to leave, so I contacted one of my roommates from my college days, Tim, to see if he would be up to a visit from me. He said he definitely was, and he would love to see me and to show me a little bit of Portland, Oregon. So within several days, my one-way ticket was purchased, and I would be on my way out west in about a month. Tim and I would have just an evening and the following full day together before I needed to leave the following morning to join David in Bend, Oregon.

My flight took us over part of the Grand Canyon. I wish it hadn't been so cloudy. If you look carefully, you can make out the canyon beyond the wing of the plane.

Grand Canyon from Airplane

You know you have a layover at the airport in Las Vegas when....
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