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A Job Well Done?, take 2

Week before last my blog post called A Job Well Done featured pictures of some results of people's doing their work poorly. Today's post is more pictures of other results.

The first few are some products that demonstrate a lack of knowledge in either the designer or in those executing the designs.

The t-shirt maker was right, at least, in knowing that the name of the continent begins and ends with an "A."

Which Continent?!

This next one shows that someone needs to learn some basic English grammar.


Whoever did the packaging below needs some help with entomology.


This next cup would have been so nice....

Cup Handle

The folks who paint lines and arrows in roads and parking lots must have a tougher job than we can imagine.

Crooked Road Lines

Arrow Pole

Can't Park

Lined Car

Work not done properly on doors can present some real challenges.

Enter Don't Enter

Door Lock

Door Handle

Handle Placement

I'm not sure if the final three pictures demonstrate bad engineering or bad workmanship.

Railing Blocked

Projector Fan

Crashing Drawers

To end this post, I would like to sing the praises of a company that does a good job, much to our delight. Back in February I did a blog post to relate our experiences in changing cell phone companies. We are still very pleased with our new phone service through Republic Wireless. Several friends have changed to RW in recent months and have said how much they have enjoyed the savings and the good service. If you click on the link to Republic Wireless in this paragraph, you can learn more about it. Two couples who are friends of ours have just changed in the last two weeks, based on our recommendations. We look forward to hearing how they are enjoying it.


"The gospel destroys the pride of human achievement."— Drew Conley


Hermits have no peer pressure.

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