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A Job Well Done?

Well Done Fortune

Does it frustrate you when people don't do their jobs well? Doing a poor job seems to be the MO of many people these days, as in not putting the fortune inside the fortune cookie. The "inspiration" for this blog post is the confluence of several events recently. One is my having started to work as a barista at a local Starbucks this summer. I wanted to have a part-time job, and since I love people and coffee, Starbucks seemed like the perfect place to apply to work. I am enjoying the job very much, and there is surprisingly much to learn, and to remember! I really want to do my job well, for the sake of my customers and of the other partners in the café.

Here's a picture of me in my barista disguise.

Rob the Barista

Another event that helped trigger today's post was the experience that a former student of mine had this week. She is currently a student at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, for 9 months of culinary training. (Imagine my excitement to have a former student doing that!!!) Kerry is sharing her experiences on Facebook almost daily as they happen and then weekly in greater detail on her blog, Kerry Hands. Some of you may enjoy following her adventures.

One of Kerry's experiences recently was cooking beef, to French specifications. How done would you say the meat is in the following picture?

Rarely Well Done

The teacher chef wanted the students to prepare the beef rare. When he saw Kerry's meat above, he told her that it was well done. But he didn't mean she had done the preparation well — he meant it was well done, and not rare! Many of Kerry's Facebook friends were shocked by that, but having eaten beef in France and knowing how merely passing a candle under the meat is almost too much for French tastes, I was not at all surprised by the chef's reaction to her cooking of the beef.

Then the final event serving as an impetus for this blog post was receiving an e-mail from a friend from my college days who reads my blog. The e-mail was pictures of poorly done jobs, with the subject line "You had only ONE job to do!" The remainder of this blog post comes from that e-mail.

Here are several mistakes made by maintenance or handyman workers.

Brick Off

Center Lines

Short Gate


Stair Railing

Window in Door

Here are several electronics-related mistakes.

Hand Down

First Name Last Name

Brit Phone Booth

Here are several mistakes in labeling.


Fanta Coke

Spoon Forks

Superhero Mixup

I almost looks as if the person putting up this billboard was trying to drum up business for a magician act coming to town.

Right Left

I'll end with a hilarious mistake in assembling this household object.

Toilet Seat

Three weeks from now I will be in teacher in-service meetings and five weeks from today is our first day of classes. It's amazing how this summer break has flown by! I look forward to meeting my new students in early September.


"The degree to which you emphasize what the Scriptures do not emphasize, is the degree to which you will neglect what they do." — Drew Conley


Customer: Gross! This coffee tastes like mud!
Barista: That's funny, it was fresh ground this morning.

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3 Comments on “A Job Well Done?”

  1. #1 Vikki
    on Jul 30th, 2014 at 9:13 am

    Our patio door leading out to our screen porch is installed backward. The screen is missing, but the track for it is inside the kitchen. So if we wanted to put a stick or rod in the track to prevent someone from opening it, the rod/stick would have to put on the outside part of the door, locking us inside. That’s a job not done well.

  2. #2 Rob
    on Jul 30th, 2014 at 9:44 am

    Thanks for sharing this story, Vikki!

  3. #3 Marilyn
    on Jul 30th, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    The signs of our time.

    Rob adds:
    Indeed, Marilyn.