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Always More Signs

It seems as if there is no end of great signs out there. Today I'm posting the latest ones that have come my way. Some are funny, others not so much. Enjoy!

I'll start out with several that are rather ironic.

Entrance Only - Do Not Enter

Most dogs I know would not find the dog run in the next picture long enough.

No Dog Run

To me, it seems as if "any time" and "last wash" don't belong on the same sign.

Wash Any Time

You have to wonder if someone moved one of these signs to create these situations.

Drug Free Workplace

Restroom Hearing Protection

One of my readers spotted this sign in a waiting room. Someone bored while waiting took advantage of the bad wording in the sign
to make it (kind of) more sensible.

Don't Turn TV

Here are several signs involving foreign languages.

Yelling Dental Clinic

Beware Safety

This next one contains spelling and grammar mistakes in all three languages! A trilingual fail!

Trilingual Fail Sign

Here are several that are language related, but unfortunately they involved the sign-makers' own language!


Try Are Flatbread

Here lately I think I might need this next sign for myself....

No Longer Adult

I thought the sentiments in the final sign in today's post were so nice that I did a web search for that saying. I found it on many different signs, but I'm posting the one I received originally.

The First To

It's hard to believe that our summer vacation is half over already. The time is evaporating much faster than Greenville's humidity is! I've gotten lots done and have a ton more to accomplish before the new school year begins. How about you?


"If we cannot have God's blessing, we will demand it of men." — Rosaria Butterfield


Age doesn't always bring wisdom. Sometimes age comes alone.

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