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At the Corner of…

My German students are currently learning to give and receive directions for finding places. My mind, of course, seeks to find humor in most situations. Therefore, I thought of some sign pictures that I thought would go together well in one post.

These are all pictures of the humor of two streets intersecting.

I'm told that the next four intersections are in Atlanta. They apparently had a shortage of names for streets there since so many seem to be variations on a theme.

Peachtree and Peachtree

Peachtree and W Peachtree

Ponce de Leon and Ponce de Leon

Clifton and Clifton

I don't know what city the following is in, but it's a similar situation to the ones in Atlanta.

Montreal and Montreal

Here are a couple that would be just as confusing.

North and East

North and West

How would you react if someone said, "Hey, meet me at the corner of Stroke and Acoma"?!

Stroke and Acoma

The trauma at the next intersection is more emotional than physical.

Lonesome and Hardup

Here are some intersections that sound much more pleasant than the last couple.

Merry Lane and Christmas Lane

Clark and Kent

Church and State

Strait and Crooked

Jekyll and Hyde

Grinn and Barret

Trekkies will love this last one.

Live Long and Prosper

I look forward to the comments and more funny intersections my readers know about.


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