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Bizarre Finds

Do you ever wonder what inspires some of my blog posts? 🙂 Often it is family news or local and/or world events. Sometimes it's just something in life that strikes me funny and makes me think of something humorous on that topic.

As I run across pictures and stories that I think have the potential for inclusion in a blog post, I put them in a folder on my computer called "Sometime." I do the same with pictures that readers send me. Frequently when I look at what's in that folder, a theme for a blog post begins to form in my mind. This week as I scanned the pictures in that folder, I saw some great stuff that I thought would probably have nothing to do with any one particular blog post. So I decided to put some of the humorous or merely interesting pictures together into one post of wonderful, yet bizarre finds. Here goes.

A while back a reader took a picture of another vehicle and sent me it to me. You have to look really closely to see what some of those "animal pests" are. The one right above the phone number is "spouses."

picture of animal pest truck

Here are several newspaper articles I've received that struck me funny.

My wife and I find it almost shocking to hear what procedures are now done outpatient. Recently someone from our church had outpatient heart surgery! This newspaper ad has an expression new to me.

picture of article

I'm not impatient to have an operation, but I don't think I'll need to worry about it — "impatient surgery" will probably not be an option under Obamacare.

Also in the "medical vein," it's encouraging to know that future moms are still concerned about the effects of the environment on their unborn children.

picture of article

Earlier this week several of the young techs and I had lunch at one of my favorite places, Pita House. Years ago, after my wife and I had gone to Pita House several times and had gotten to know the owner Ziad Namouz better, I told him that one of my colleagues at BJU could easily pass for his brother. When I told my colleague Greg about the resemblance, he said that I was not the first to mention it to him. We decided that we needed to visit Pita House together. Here's a picture of the Greg and Ziad when they finally got to meet. Greg is on the left, Ziad on the right.

picture of brothers

I'm sure some of Greg's former students might love that picture.

My wife Becka has a new blog post about another restaurant that we've added to our favorites list in the past two weeks.

The next few pictures are on a summer theme.

The Tour de France will be beginning in about a month. Here's a cool biking picture I ran across.

picture of cyclists

A few weeks ago when we were visiting up north, we went to a Toledo Mud Hens game. Megan did a blog post about it. Something that we all found funny was what a difference a baseball cap can make. Here's the man ahead of us getting a player's signature.

picture of man

He took his hat off for the singing of the national anthem.

picture of man

With the weather heating up all over the country, I thought you might enjoy two feet of snow.

picture of snow

I received the following picture of a survey done in Great Britain.

picture of survey

Here are a few items that could be additions to recent posts.

After my post about charts and graphs several weeks ago, you should now know how to interpret this graph about Comic Sans font usage.

picture of flowchart

I saw this picture that goes with my recent post on graffiti.

picture of graffiti

Some of you who don't go to the blog itself missed a great comment from Brian on the post of highly ironic signs.

Here's the screen shot of part of the story to which Brian posted the link.

picture of article

I would love to see the face of any Welsh truck drivers who read the bottom part of that sign!

Here's an interesting picture of some intricate carving. I think each crayon represents a different year in the Chinese 12-year cycle.

picture of carved crayons

This picture has some ironic juxtaposition.

picture of ironic juxtaposition

I'll end with something that is a part of American culture and history. Most Americans at least recognize the names Dick, Jane, Spot and Puff and the phrases "See Dick. See Dick run. Run, Dick. Run." My older readers probably had grade school readers with those characters in them. Here are a cover and page from one of those readers.

picture of reader

There have been all kinds of parodies through the years. As a computer geek, one of my favorites is


Recently I saw a parody that made me laugh out loud.

picture of reader

Phew! A post this random actually takes more work to put together than my normal posts do. I hope something in this post gave you a laugh.


"As frail human beings, we're often bewildered. But God never is. God never wrings His hands." - Drew Conley

=^..^= =^..^=

An extremely tongue-in-cheek sign in our tech room reads as follows....

IT Mission Statement:

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7 Comments on “Bizarre Finds”

  1. #1 Emily Park
    on Jun 10th, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    How odd! I was JUST at Pita House today, and I saw the owner and thought … why does he look so familiar? I thought about it, then I realized it was because he looks just like Greg Mazak. Actually, I was there around 2:00, right as you were posting this photo 🙂

  2. #2 Cindy C.
    on Jun 11th, 2010 at 12:55 am

    I just went back and read the graffiti post, but can’t comment there. So, #1 – Paris has a problem because everyone goes there to paint, right? #2 – The resemblance is uncanny. Everyone has a double, right?
    #3 – I really appreciate that I can share your posts w/my kids. They love them!!

  3. #3 Michael
    on Jun 11th, 2010 at 8:08 am

    Great pictures today. I thought the one of the pregnant woman was especially ironic. Also, does the guy at the Pita House ride motorcycles and enjoy Cleveland area sports teams?

  4. #4 Mel
    on Jun 11th, 2010 at 11:46 am

    Love the picture of Ziad and Greg!! Thanks for finally getting them together. 🙂 (The resemblance is even more uncanny when Greg doesn’t have his contacts in; even their frames are similar!)

  5. #5 Carrie
    on Jun 14th, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    I love this post!!! The crayon carvings, Dr. M’s double, Ms. Williamson’s concerned unconcern. . . So enjoyable. Not only is small beautiful, it could add bacon or cheese for only 30c. Funny.

  6. #6 Abby
    on Jun 21st, 2010 at 8:57 am

    Strangely, there’s a gentleman who frequents the hardware store where I work in Bedford, MA, who also looks astonishingly like Dr. Mazak. I have done a double take several times when he has walked in the door.

  7. #7 Rob
    on Jun 22nd, 2010 at 7:13 am

    @Emily – That’s hilarious that you went to Pita House and thought the same thing at the time I was publishing this post. Isn’t the food there great?!

    @Cindy – I’m glad you can enjoy my blog with your kids. I have no plans of changing that. 🙂

    @Michael – Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I don’t think the interests of those two men are the same at all, except that they both love their families dearly.

    @Mel – Before I got them together, I took a picture of Greg to the restaurant with us one time and showed it to Ziad. Then I snapped a picture of Ziad holding the picture to show to Greg. In that picture, Greg is wearing his glasses. Here’s the picture:

    picture of Ziad and Greg

    You’re right that the resemblance is even greater with the glasses.

    @Carrie – I also thought that the sign in the background about the extra bacon and cheese was ironic and was hoping someone would comment on it. You’re the sharpie who did.

    @Abby – I ran into Dr. M. on campus yesterday and told him about his Doppelgaenger in the hardware store in MA. His reply was, “Oh, no, not another one!” He must just have what my wife and I call “one of those universal faces.” Thanks for sharing your sighting.