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Dogs or Cats?

The debate over which pet is better will never be settled, but that's not the goal of this blog post. I just have a few funny pictures of dogs and cats that have accumulated, begging to be released to the world at large. I hope they will give you a good laugh or smile.

I'll start off with dogs....

Some dogs are so beautiful that they're hard to resist. Here's one example of such animal magnetism.

Chick Magnet

If your dog needs help in the area of appearance, there are a couple of things you might consider.

A fake tongue on a ball...

Dog Toy Tongue

Or the distinguished look of a mustache...

Dog Stache

The bad placement of a price tag lends a whole new meaning to the expression "dog food"....

Cooking Your Dog

It reminds me of the fabled cookbook "101 Ways to Wok Your Dog."

The expression "cat food" is redefined in this next picture.

No Hamster

Last December I did a blog post with the following cartoon:

Cat Map

Since then, I ran across a French version of the same cartoon. Not all the wording is the same, but it's still quite à propos.

Carte Lit Pour Chat

In French class I teach my students some of the things French animals say. For instance, American dogs say "arf-arf" or "bow-wow." French dogs say "ouah-ouah" (with adorable French accents, especially when they have one of those Hercule Poirot moustaches pictured above).

I received a picture a while back that shows what cats say in various countries.

Cat Talk

I'll end this blog post with several of my favorite Far Side cartoons.

What We Say To Dogs

What We Say To Cats

It's all too true!

I hope you are having a great week. The past several weeks it has been hard for me to get my weekly post ready by Wednesday morning. I'm now aiming for Friday mornings instead, to help you through the end of your work week.


"God does not need our help in defining right and wrong." — Drew Conley


"Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes."