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Driving Me Crazy

picture of texting while driving

Do you have any pet peeves? I'm not normally a peevish person — in fact, I'm generally quite jolly. But my jolliness and my personal sanctification are put to their greatest tests when I am behind the wheel. I'm not the perfect driver, mind you, but other drivers sometimes do some of the dumbest and most dangerous things! And unfortunately it's often in my presence, driving me crazy.

Recently I ran across the following cartoon.

picture of cartoon

When I saw it, I thought about how often I have wondered the same thing — why do people swing left to turn right, thereby making their turn even sharper? I decided to sit down and write my pet peeves about other drivers. I'll post only a dozen today.

My pet peeves about other drivers:

1. Not paying attention — texting, applying make-up, shaving, etc.

2. Running red lights — not just "orange" lights, but very red lights! Are people thinking?!

3. Tailgating — young females seem to be the worst about this

4. Allowing children to climb all over the car, unrestrained — or worse yet, to ride in the bed of a pick up truck

5. Speeding up to keep me from changing lanes, ignoring my turn signal (Who knows what I might do if I were allowed to change lanes?!)

6. Pulling out from a side street, slowly in front of me, into my lane when there's no car in the other lane and no car visible behind me, causing me to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision when I have the right of way

7. Generally abusing the left lane — going slowly in the fast lane on the highway causing others to have to pass them on the right, or slowing down in the left lane before moving into the turn lane, rather than moving into the turn lane, and then slowing down

8. Weaving in and out of lanes of traffic, endangering others, only to get not really much further ahead, and usually ending up one or two cars ahead of me at the next red light

9. Two trucks side by side, both going way under the speed limit, jockeying for supremacy, with many cars held hostage behind them

10. Not pulling into the intersection when making a left-hand turn so that another car or two behind them can also get through that green light

11. Sticking out into the right lane, waiting to pull onto the street, making people in that lane swerve around them to avoid collision, rather than backing up so as not to be sticking out in the lane of traffic

12. Obstructing other drivers' view by driving a huge vehicle with darkly tinted windows — I call it "following a moving wall and being at the mercy of its tail lights"

My dear wife (my faithful proofreader) said that that sounds so peevish. I told her, "That's why they call them 'peeves,' Dear." 🙂 What are your pet peeves behind the wheel?


"Always remember — everyone of us is someone else's weirdo!." - Rob Loach

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Why is it that anyone who drives faster than you is a maniac and anyone slower than you is an idiot?