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This is the time of year that we hear lots about elves. I thought I'd do a quick post with some "elfish" things that have accumulated in my folder.

In recent years I have received several pictures of signs that either have a very strategically placed blown-out bulb or a letter that has fallen off the sign.

Elf Storage Sign

Elf Storage Depot

Elf Storage

A few years ago Becka and I bought our grandkids' parents Elf on the Shelf [1]. They have had fun with it and will probably have even more fun as our smallest grandchildren get old enough to appreciate it.

You can find all sorts of ideas online about things to do with the elf to bring smiles to children's faces. Usually the parents set things up at night after the kids have gone to bed, and then the kids find the elf the next morning. I'm going to post a few I've seen.

Speaking of elf storage ... here's some cold storage.

Elf Cold Storage

I've seen all sorts of variations on the next two scenes.

Elf Fan

Elf Graffiti Artist

Here are some other ideas that might inspire some variations in your home. It's always fun to find the elf in a drawer.

Elf Flatware

I've seen a number of pranks done involving the elf and the toilet.

Elf Toilet

You can pose the elf with different food items.

Elf Syrup

It's always fun to do things to the elf using some of the kids' favorite toys.

Elf Slinky

Elf Gulliver Lego

Elf on the Shelf does not always have to be naughty. Five years ago an elf named Guillermo was even involved in the engagement of our daughter Nora.

Elf Engagement

There's still time to get Elf on the Shelf for this season. If you can't do much with him this year, you can put him into "elf storage" till next December.

Any of you want to share some fun you have had with your elf?


"There's something that happens to us when we unite truth to song." — Drew Conley

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In this season of giving, is it OK to be at least a little elfish?