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First Signs of 2013

Happy New Year to one and all!

It's been a while since I last posted pictures of funny signs, and readers have kept me supplied. Here are my faves of the ones that have come in since the last post.

Since they were here last week, Meg, Jim, and Drew got to take part in the "Banana Box Sale" at our local Sav-Mor. Megan snapped a picture of their warning sign:

Banana Box Sale

This next one doesn't say it's an after-Christmas sale, but you have to wonder....

Ugly Dolls

Here's a sign that needs to be removed in the winter.

Hot Winter

Going green is such a big deal lately. Here's a picture of a toilet a reader sent me. You need a degree in engineering to use this toilet!

Green Toilet

Asian signs are often unintentionally funny. Here are several with bad translations. The first continues the restroom theme.

One Place One Dream

I guess that's a take off of the Beijing 2008 Olympic slogan — One World One Dream.

This next one must be one of the fast food restaurants for cannibals.

Customer Consumption

Here are a couple of German-related signs.

German Parking Only

This is a picture of a paving stone I saw in near the cathedral in Cologne, Germany, in 1972. I was surprised not only that it was in English, but also that it was humorous.

German Parking Only

Here's a great sign for people with a light touch on the guitar strings.

Free Air Guitar

Today's last sign is a real head-scratcher ... especially for gourmets.

Smoked Fish Jerky Fudge

As promised last week, here are some more pictures of us doing the Stomp Rocket.

Here's a picture of Mark stomping.

Mark Rocket

Here's Katie trying her foot at it.

Katie Rocket

Here's Mark helping little Ryan stomp. You can see his rocket in the air.

Ryan Rocket

One of my students was not able to go home over the Christmas break, so he spent a week with us, enjoying all the merriment. Here's David coming in for a landing.

David Rocket

We had several other visitors who enjoyed trying out Drew's stomp rockets, but their antics and prowess were not documented. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Next Wednesday will be our first day of classes, unless weather forestalls things, as it has done several times in recent years.


"The people God cares about aren't just refined Westerners. ... Shepherds were dirty people who did dirty work. ... The wisemen were Gentiles." — paraphrased from a message by Drew Conley


Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't — you're right!

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1 Comment on “First Signs of 2013”

  1. #1 Sarah
    on Jan 3rd, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    I just returned from a Christmastime trip to Australia, and was bemused, then amused, by the flush buttons on or installed above the toilets there. The smaller button to the left, sometimes marked with one “water drop” symbol, produces a lighter flush; and the larger button, sometimes marked with two drops, on the right provides more “oomph” or “swoosh” or whatever. It was pretty self-explanatory, and I figured it out right away! That green handle thing is less evident, but could have been made clearer with a couple of similar symbols and fewer words.