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Foreign Delicacies or Indelicacies?

Every country has its delicacies. French cuisine, regarded by many as the best in the world, is probably best known for its pastries. In the image below most readers will recognize croissants on the left. The pastry on the right is called a religieuse, which means nun.

picture of French pastries

A religieuse is a made up of two glazed cream puffs, a smaller one atop a larger one. The most common fillings are chocolate pudding or coffee pudding. Some religieuses are good while others are just incredible!

British cuisine is not as highly regarded as French cuisine (is that the kindest understatement of the year?), but it still has its delicacies. In the picture below the dish on the left is steak and kidney pie, and on the right is fish and chips.

picture of British delicacies

Japan is best known for its sushi.

picture of sushi

When people think of China, Peking duck (left) and dumplings (right) often come to mind.

picture of Chinese delicacies

Although we enjoyed both of those greatly, several of our favorite delicacies were spun sugar potatoes...

picture of spun sugar potatoes

... and chrysanthemum tea.

picture of chrysanthemum tea

China and Asia in general are also known for what could be termed "indelicacies," most of which are totally unintentional. Written menus are one of the best sources of indelicacies through bad translations. Below are several.

The first soup listed on this menu makes me wonder what the real translation should be.

picture of menu

Here's another menu, without comment from me because it leaves me speechless.

picture of menu

Talk about indelicacy...

picture of package

If you eat that, don't say you weren't warned on the package!

The names of some restaurants make you wonder....

picture of restaurant

picture of restaurant

I'm sure this next one might be fine, but the naming was unfortunate and most indelicate!

picture of restaurant

Some pleas for civility from tourists are very delicately and even beautifully phrased.

picture of sign

Some are a little less clear.

picture of sign

Some are not only unclear but also at least a little indelicately worded.

picture of sign

One of my readers sent me two tourist restroom signs from one of the most touristic sections of the Great Wall.

picture of sign

The next two are not Chinese, but whatever language they're in, the names of the "toiled" items seem inappropriate and/or indelicate for one reason or another.

picture of TP

picture of TP

Oh my! I can't think of anything to say that wouldn't be indelicate.

Do you have any favorite foreign delicacies or indelicacies?


"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces — just good food from fresh ingredients." - Julia Child

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