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Fun with Cats and Dogs

Do you have cats or dogs? Most of my life I've shared living space with animals of some sort — dogs, tropical fish, parakeets, hamsters, cats, and Guinea pigs — pretty much in their order of appearance in my life. House pets can be a huge source of not only enjoyment and companionship, but also work and frustration. Today's blog post consists of some fun pictures of cats and dogs that are sure to bring a smile or two or more.

Some dogs patiently endure a great deal. Here's one that's amazing:

Dog Chalked

More often, though, they get themselves into trouble, as in the next picture....

I Don't See Your Lipstick

Dogs can also be extremely distructive.

Dog Training for Dummies

Most dogs are not the finicky eaters that cats often are.

No Matter What - We Want It

Finicky or not, there are some things that cats just can't resist.

How to Catch a Cat

Their love of small or unusual places can often get them into trouble.

Remember Plan B

When I saw the standoff in this next picture, I wasn't sure who was in control of the situation.

What's the Password?

Cat's faces can be so expressive....

Nothing Good from This Look

I'll let the cats get the last word.

People Don't Land on Their Feet

Do any of you have funny pet stories or pictures you could share? Please leave a comment or send pictures my way.

Since the AATF has named this week National French Week, my quotation today is from one of my favorite French authors, Blaise Pascal.


"If all men knew what others say of them, there would not be four friends in the world." — Blaise Pascal


Dogs believe they are human. Cats believe they are gods.

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