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Funny Things I’ve Seen Lately

Today's post has as its only unifying theme some funny things I've seen lately and have saved for future use. Some of them might reappear later as part of a more thematic blog post, but I thought I'd give you a sneak peak at them now.

Kids in some parts of the country will be sad to see the following.


Older folks all over the country might be relieved to see the following picture — a mechanic living in a nursing home. It's proof that you can still do many things that you love.


They keep making computers smaller all the time. I chuckled at the following comic strip.


Here's something else funny, related to eyes.


I hope my students don't find that item for sale anywhere!

I did show my students the following in class one day.


PBS has changed the timing of their "beg-a-thons." It appears that they are also changing their tactics.


One pop icon I haven't been able to get into is Angry Birds. Here's a picture of someone else who may not enjoy them either.


The food and beverage Nazis will love the following rendition of "death by French fries."


Here's another example of someone's playing with his food.


While on a KFC theme, I loved the following.


I'll end with something I enjoyed seeing again last night — the Bo-Jonic ads my friend Phil and I made for Gold Rush Daze. Here I am eating a "moistened" tot, thanks to Phil.


Thanks to those who send funny things my way. Always happy to share!


"Modern technology has freed us from labor but ties up our minds." — Art Nuernberg


No one is listening until you make a mistake.