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Ham and Fox

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I'm posting off schedule to pass several odds and ends of information on to you. I've known for a while that our church, Hampton Park Baptist Church, is having Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis come speak. What I didn't know was the exact schedule or the topics. Now that I know, I thought those of you who live in the Greenville area might want to visit for at least one of the sessions.

Here's the schedule for Ken Ham's sessions:

Sunday, November 1
9:00 a.m. "Genesis: Key to Reaching Today's World"
10:30 a.m. "The Relevance of Genesis in Today's World"
4:30 p.m. "Defending Christianity from Today's Secular Attacks"
6:00 p.m. "The Origin of 'Races' and the Biblical Answers to Racism"

Monday, November 2
6:00 p.m. "Answers for the Most-Asked Questions about Creation, Evolution, and Genesis"
7:30 p.m. "How Can a Loving God...? — Understanding Death and Suffering"


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If you haven't heard this, the White House is accusing Fox News of not being a legitimate source of news, calling them biased, etc. There have been reports that the Obama administration has tried to block Fox reporters from news conferences, etc. It's no secret to anyone paying attention, and many are, that the current leaders in Washington D.C. are not fans of Fox News.

NPR has put a survey online so that people can voice their opinion. It's found at http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2009/10/in_white_house_vs_fox_news_war.html

The voting is quick and easy, with no need to create an account or to log in to anything. It asks if you are for the White House or for Fox News in this matter. I don’t usually post things like this, but I don't enjoy seeing the rapid erosion of freedom of speech and I do not approve of thuggery. The current crowd in Washington seems intent of silencing voices that don't sing their praises or that don't sing the tunes they prefer. Speak out, while you still can.

When I voted this evening, I was surprised to see that the votes are currently almost 75% in support of Fox News in this controversy. I was amazed because I would characterize the listeners of NPR as tending more towards the liberal end of the scale.

If you have any comments on either of these topics, I would enjoy reading them.


"Satan's not too keen on surrendering territory." - David Hosaflook

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Do atheists get insurance for acts of God?

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10 Comments on “Ham and Fox”

  1. #1 Sandrew
    on Oct 30th, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    I’m glad you posted the NPR poll. My reaction was the same as yours re the way the poll is going. However, a lot of conservative listeners probably tune in for the classical music programming — as do I.

    On a completely different note, please post more photos of Darling Drew. Thanks!

  2. #2 Hannah Joy
    on Oct 30th, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    I have a hard time being on anybody’s side in this. The White House shouldn’t be singling out Fox News like this. They could just as truthfully say these things about their “fans”, but saying them just about Fox is hypocritical. Of course Fox is biased — so are all the others, they can’t help it. The New York Times is so blatantly liberal it baffles me how anyone can deny it. I just wish someone would be honest.

  3. #3 Rob
    on Oct 30th, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    @Sandrew – I know what you’re saying about their classical music. I’m not sure, though, that being conservative in your musical tastes translates into being politically and socially conservative … like Mozart, for example. As to posting more pictures of Drew, I’ll do what I can as I can.

    @Heather Joy – I share your pain. I’m sick and tired of being lied to — by *all* of them! In my lifetime I’ve seen a huge shift from journalists’ reporting the news to so-called journalists editorializing and spinning. I check alternative news sources, which makes me hold the main stream media in far greater disdain — for what they purposely decide to withhold from us. It’s not only dishonest; it’s downright dispicable.

  4. #4 Sandrew
    on Oct 30th, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    Definitely not, but that was the only thing I could come up with.

  5. #5 Ellen
    on Oct 31st, 2009 at 7:45 am

    Kind of scary what’s happening in the White House with our current Administration, yet it’s former President Bush that so many view as a villain. Not that GWB was perfect or that I agreed with his fiscal policy often, but at least he wasn’t trying to squash anyone who disagreed with him.

    And, yes, I agree with you that I was pretty surprised at the high percentage of voters in the NPR poll voted in favor of Fox News. I, too, thought that NPR was fairly liberal. Apparently, those voting aren’t or they are smart enough to understand that importance of free speech regardless of who’s president.

  6. #6 Rob
    on Oct 31st, 2009 at 10:15 am

    @Ellen – It’s unsettling to know what is going on in D.C., but I know too Who is ultimately in control and that none of this is taking Him off guard. I guess it’s the “American spirit” instilled in me that doesn’t want to see what we’ve all known and loved being attacked and dismantled. Our little voices, even in a poll, don’t amount to as much as our voices lifted in prayer about it all.

  7. #7 Laura
    on Nov 1st, 2009 at 11:32 pm

    Thanks for posting about Ken Ham speaking at your church! My parents and I attended many of their seminars and family camps during most of my growing up years, and I know that their (and my parents’) emphasis on the authority of Scripture has had a profound influence on what I believe and how I view this world. I just wish I could make it to hear some of these sessions (again… the topics all sound quite familiar!), but alas, the life of a grad assistant….. I hope you enjoy the talks as much as I have over the years!

  8. #8 Vikki
    on Nov 2nd, 2009 at 11:08 am

    I take everything I hear from the news media with a grain of salt. They have a way of bending words and events to sensationalize it and, quite often, blow it out of proportion. With Bush, all you ever heard were the perceived negatives. But with Obama, all they do is sing his praises. Fox seems to be a little better than the other big news centers, but they too seem to be sliding over to the liberal side –- just not far.

    I don’t believe any of Obama’s campaign promises have come to pass, and his bail out plan has put our economy and country in dire straits. But he can do no wrong according to the liberal media. Try to put out anything negative on Obama now and you’ll find yourself investigated and you’ll be black balled by the media in the process. It’s becoming a risk to speak out against our government. I’m just glad that God is in control!

  9. #9 Rob
    on Nov 2nd, 2009 at 11:36 am

    @Laura – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed hearing Dr. Ham in the past. He is an excellent speaker. He includes humor, which I appreciate, of course, but what he says is so rich in information and is so thought-provoking that it’s hard to take it all in. He is masterful in getting things down to our level without talking down to us. It’s been great to see many visitors in the services/sessions.

    @Vikki – Well said. I just wish the “news” people would serve up pure news, without opinionated commentary and wording, and let us decide for ourselves. I get to see Fox only when we stay in a hotel with cable since we don’t have it ourselves at home. From what I’ve observed and have heard many, many others say, they do a much better job of presenting both sides than the other media. I guess that’s why they are so despised. Perish the thought that the public hear facts, not spin.

  10. #10 Uwe
    on Nov 4th, 2009 at 11:23 am

    It would have been very interesting for me if I had the chance to follow these seminar meetings of Ken Ham. For this year is called the “Darwin Year” because of the 150th anniversary of his evolution standard work “The Origin of Species” we are more often confronted with this stuff as in other times. So I also got the impression that I should concern myself again with this topic. Another reason was that a colleague of me who is a brother in Christ brought this issue on table because he and his wife (also a sister in Christ and scientific employee at the Technical High School here in Darmstadt / Germany) believe in Intelligent Design. ID states that God created by the process of evolution and stresses the point that God must be behind the scene because of the ingenuity that we elsewhere observe in nature and even more by research.

    First I didn’t feel to occupy with this because I considered other issues more important. But I had to realize – and this impression still increases until now – that indeed it is a basic point that touches our faith just at the foundation. And that it is nearly impossible to explain the gospel without referring to this matter. Sooner or later it raises up, at the latest when you have to explain more deeply basic situations of the world and the solution that the Lord Himself has provided.

    Now in the home circle where I go to and where I may contribute according to my gift of grace I held two evenings on the subject what out of the letter to the Romans appears as to this issue. We actually studied this part of God’s Word and had just finished with chapter 8. So I prepared a working sheet for these seminar-like home meetings. During the preparation it became very clear to me that there is no need at all to make borrowings at evolution to explain things. God is able to create anything how complex ever in no time (from our view) (Romans 4:17). Moreover evolution is impossible through the fact that death came into creation and penetrated to every man and woman as result of the sin of Adam. You can think up and down, back and forth – at last there is no way to hold on evolution if this is true! But if this should not be true – then it also becomes questionable if salvation God created “in Christ” is true! (Romans 5:12-21)

    There would be much more to say. It’s already too much for a comment.