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Is It All Geek to You?

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Do you have a computer geek in your life? Many of my readers know that my summers are spent working at IT Service Desk on campus, "improving life ... one computer at a time." (my motto, not theirs) This Friday ends my summer at IT and that is bittersweet — I really enjoy my work as a tech helping people, but I'm also eager to get back in the classroom.

Even though I like to express my inner geek, I have to admit that there are many aspects of computers that I don't understand and I'm not as geeky as some. To test your level of geekdom (if that's not a word, it should be), see how much of the humor in today's iv is funny to you.

You've heard it said that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, I must admit that I am a digital packrat. (Attribution for the cartoon, unknown at the time of publication, is in the comments section.)

picture of computer cartoon

And you are the beneficiaries of my digital packrattiness ... Exhibit A: today's post. 🙂

When people ask me questions about Microsoft Word, I can honestly plead ignorance. I avoid using that program like the plague — it drives me crazy! So when I find humor poking fun at Word, I automatically love it.

Airport security is affecting computer users big time.

picture of computer cartoon

Don't you just hate the little paper clip in Word?! I love the next cartoon.

picture of computer cartoon

It's been a while since I've shared any blonde humor, so....

picture of computer cartoon

Here's the perfect gift for that blonde in your life.

picture of computer cartoon

One of the techs sent me this cartoon last week. Website designers are yet another kind of geek. You may have to go back to the post of charts and graphs [1] if this doesn't make sense to you. (Attribution for the cartoon, unknown at the time of publication, is in the comments section.)

picture of computer cartoon

The techs enjoy friendly arguments over which OS (operating system) is superior — Windows, Apple, or Linux. Here's something they can probably all agree on.

picture of computer cartoon

If you're just coming out of a long stay in a cave, you may not know that one of the latest rages is the iPad. As an owner of an iPod touch, I found this picture of Steve Jobs amusing.

picture of computer cartoon

Vive Photoshop?

Dilbert features some great computer humor. Here are several I like a lot.

picture of computer cartoon

Any tech I worked with this summer who has seen this next one has said something like, "That's the truth! That's so funny!"

picture of computer cartoon

The bane of most computer users and techs is the copy machine/printer. The problem is apparently not new.

picture of computer cartoon

I'll end with several actual conversations or e-mails from work at the Service Desk. No names to protect the guilty.

Calls from users:

Caller: I’d like to buy… uh… Microsoft?
Tech: That’s at the Campus Store

User: I cannot get my wireless to work.
Tech: What kind of computer do you have?
User: Uh… a HP… uh… Vista… uh … laptop.
Tech: Did you try the instructions?
User: No … I did not want to mess things up. ... Oh, by the way, I am an IT major.

E-mails from users:

My computer’s disc C already full and it makes my computer not have the regular running anymore.

The computer has fallen and will not respond. (I've fallen and I can't get up?)

Tower is running really. Maybe the fan. This is the 3rd day.

Keyboard is bad. You have to slam the keys on the keyboard before it will work.

His computer ate his disk. He inserted the disk and it said to insert the disk. He checked and it was no longer there.

Computer is fried. It snapped, crackled, and popped. The computer had some smoke coming out of it and is quite smelly.

Request new mousey, please:) Old one sticks. The mouse cannot get away fast enough from the cat.

I have a cable that is for a wireless mouse ... I think? Where is the mouse that goes with it? Or for that fact, is there a mouse to go with the machine?

Mouse out of control - needs replaced.

When she moves her mouse, it opens up different programs.


In some ways, working as an IT tech and teaching have a lot in common....

BTW, I'm trying out Twitter to see why people are all atwitter about it. If you want to follow me, I'm ivmanrob [2]

Update on Nora: Her surgery is definitely scheduled for this next Monday. The doctor is very optimistic that this will greatly help the pain in her back and the horrible sciatic pain in her left leg.


"Love and holiness are not enemies." — Drew Conley

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As a computer, I find your faith in technology amusing.