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It’s Snow Fun!

If you pronounce the title of this blog post quickly, it sounds more like "It's no fun!" For many, this year's snow falls are getting quite old. For school children and teachers the prospect of making up all these snow days is not at all cheery.

Therefore, I thought it might do many people good if I posted some snow-related humor. I'll start off with a couple pictures from last week's wintry weather here in Greenville.

Here's a picture from our front door. It really was very pretty, and it is now almost all gone.

Snow 2014

Here's a great picture I saw online.

Greenville Ice Snow

Our cat Buddy was fascinated with the snow as he lay on his window seat. The cat in this picture made me think of Buddy. The cat doesn't seem very pleased with the depiction of him.


Here are two snowman cartoons.

Snowman Buff

Snowman Coffee

The next picture is one I saw on Facebook.

Family In Snow

We enjoyed having Megan and Maddie here last week, and I loved having two snowdays during their visit. Jim and Drew drove down Saturday, and the four of them left to go home this morning. It was fun to have our kids and grandkids together as we celebrated Maddie's second birthday. Here's a picture of all 13 of us.

Loach Family Feb 2014

Here are the three youngest family members — Avery, Della, and Maddie.

3 Granddaughters 2014

Here's Maddie trying out one of her birthday presents with baby Della, under the watchful eye of Della's mama, of course.

Maddie + Della Stroller

If you want more snow(man) humor, you can check out one of my older blog posts [1].

Have a good week, and those of you up in the tundra, stay warm! It's supposed to be downright balmy here today (73 degrees) ... not to rub it in or anything....


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