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Kulula – the Seriously Humorous Airline

With students flying all over the place for college in the next couple of weeks, I thought I would post the contents of an e-mail I received recently from a long-time reader. Kulula [1], a low-cost airline based in South Africa, is a subsidiary of British Airways franchise Comair. Kulula is known not only for its great fares, but also for its sense of humor. It seems that most everyone has taken their humor good naturedly, except maybe a kerfuffle with FIFA about some of Kulula's advertising humor [2].

Here are ten pictures of the livery of some of their planes. I'll make almost no comments, leaving that up to you.

The message on this plane is simple enough.

See if you can find the camouflaged plane in this final picture.

(Photo Credit - www.southafrica.to [3]) For more of their humor you can go to their humor page [4]. (usual disclaimers)

What a pity Kulula doesn't fly internationally. I'd love to support them just for not taking themselves too seriously! Maybe this blog post will do just that. Are you familiar with this airline?

This week is our annual in-service at the university, and classes begin two weeks from today!


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