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Latest Signs

Last week's post was funny signs from around the world. The content of post was mostly verbiage. This week's post — the signs that have come my way recently — is mostly pictures.

I'll start off with several signs we saw on our recent trip to Ohio to see my mother, who is under hospice care. Becka did a nice post about our long weekend up there, so if you would like to read about it, it's on her blog. I would appreciate your prayers for Mom and for our family as we go through this difficult time.

To get from the town where my sister lives to the town where my mom lives, you have to go through a little town called West Millgrove. In the past the town was a speed trap, but apparently they cannot afford to pay for that kind of law enforcement now. Here's a pair of signs that amused us.

End Speed Limit

The former police must have been challenging people to accelerate that quickly as they left town.

We went to Wilson's, a local legend in Findlay for dinner Saturday evening with my sister, my aunt, and my cousin. We grabbed a picture of an old sign with their prices when the place opened in 1936.

Wilson's Sign

I wish we had viewed the video on YouTube since we had forgotten the protocol for ordering.

My son Mark sent me an interesting sign recently.

Pumpkin Spice Nowhere

With the spacing it's hard to tell if it reads now here or nowhere. Surely it can't be "nowhere" since pumpkin spice is currently everywhere!

Here's a sign from Texas that gives pause.

No Warning Shot Texas

This sign gave me a laugh.

Sorry for Convenience

I don't know where the next sign is located. With its misspellings, I hope it's in a foreign country.

Good English Essencial

I'll end with a cat sign. The sign would have been true for our now-deceased cats Adelaide and Clementine, but Buddy has no interest whatsoever in catnip.

Veterinary Clinic Sign

I will be taking next week, and maybe even the following week, off. I hope you Americans will all have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.


"The power of the Spirit can fit you for service or shut you down." — Drew Conley


The speed of time is one second per second.

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1 Comment on “Latest Signs”

  1. #1 Deb Holman
    on Nov 23rd, 2013 at 11:50 pm

    I thought about you today as I was passing through West Milllgrove to visit our mom. I wish that you could post a picture of the old Peltons store signs! They are really good.

    Rob adds:
    Deb, if you can get me a good picture of those signs at Peltons, I’ll post it. I just didn’t think to take one when we went past there.

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