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More Headlines

I've done some posts previously on headlines [1] and newspapers [2], but the people who work in print media just keep serving up more bloopers for our (unintentional?) enjoyment.

As I scanned through my file of headlines, I noticed that quite a few showed the need for proofreaders with some mathematical expertise.

For this first one, just the ability to count would have sufficed.

9 Who Care

The next several headlines show a lack of some other fundamental principles.

40 % Majority

Three Halves

44st President

This next one shows that the writer didn't think like a mathematician would in considering how the line would read.

52 foot officers

This one, though math related, is really a matter of spelling. I must say that the misspelling does make it read quite differently.

one in for students

I wonder if this writer realizes how many years ago the Civil War took place.

new Civil War vets sought

As a transition into the next group of headlines, this next one shows how the "fuzzy math" of politicians is starting to affect the public.

Who pays?

I don't know if politicians or the media are to blame for this next one.

52 foot officers

Here are several that show some keen political insights on the poor among us.

affordable too expensive

poor need money

poor poverty meeting

Speaking of meetings ... or should I say meatings....

PETA steakhouse meeting

Maybe that atrocity is because of the following?

jobless cows

The PETA lunch would be better than the following announced luncheon.

lunchless luncheon

If they can't speak safely in regards to mathematical or socio-political issues, at least they can do so concerning the weather.

whether the weather

kayaking on frozen water

homeless survive the winter

Well, after that last one, I take back what I said about and issue the news can address safely....


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