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Mug Shots

Being a coffee hound, I am also a fan of coffee mugs. Coffee mugs can deliver most of the messages that can be found on t-shirts, and often do. But sometimes even better. Today's post is some mugs I've seen lately that I think are pretty cool or funny.

I shared a picture a while back that was based on the following picture I stumbled upon online, who knows where. I would love to have this mug!

Ah Coffee!

Friends went to France this summer and brought me back a mug that I love using at school.

Sbux Paris Mug

The next two mugs are variations on a theme.

Prescription Coffee

Prescription Coffee Mug

I'll end this post with a coffee mug sporting a slogan that is a real FAIL!

Homicide Slogan

If you have a mug you'd like for me to feature in a future blog post, feel free to attach it to an e-mail to me. You can write me at rdloach[at]gmail[dot]com — just change the words in brackets to make it a real address. After the New Year, I'll do a post from my readers — the best of their prized mugs.

This week is our last week of classes. Next week is finals, and then Christmas break. Much to do in the next 8 days, though.


"Can it be right to give all our coldness to Christ and all our enthusiasm to the world?” — William Blaikie


If your idea of a cuppa coffee is decaf with a little skim milk and sugar substitute, why bother?! 🙂

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4 Comments on “Mug Shots”

  1. #1 Jessica
    on Dec 10th, 2014 at 8:11 am

    Jordan has a mug that came from a Christian bookstore in Italy. It says, “I am God’s original creation.” Of course, we know what it *means*, but we like to finish the statement with, “All the rest of you are cheap Chinese knockoffs.”

  2. #2 Michael
    on Dec 10th, 2014 at 8:24 am

    Unfortunately, I will not be participating in the mug photo collage since I am not a javaphile. Glad to have you posting again!

  3. #3 Barbara H.
    on Dec 10th, 2014 at 10:51 am

    Had to smile at your last line about decaf. A few years ago I developed a heart rhythm problem and had to go off all caffeine. It was definitely an adjustment and I missed using it to wake me up a bit mid-morning or mid-afternoon, but I got used to it eventually. I don’t drink it as much now though – I mainly have it when I am cold or eating something sweet.

    One of the favorite mugs I gave someone had a scene that changed when depending on whether something hot or cold was in it.

  4. #4 Cindy Chrysler
    on Dec 10th, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    It’s too much of a challenge to pick one, so here’s my mug page. http://www.pinterest.com/cynchrys/mugs/
    I really like mugs.