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Mug Shots

Being a coffee hound, I am also a fan of coffee mugs. Coffee mugs can deliver most of the messages that can be found on t-shirts [1], and often do. But sometimes even better. Today's post is some mugs I've seen lately that I think are pretty cool or funny.

I shared a picture a while back that was based on the following picture I stumbled upon online, who knows where. I would love to have this mug!

Ah Coffee!

Friends went to France this summer and brought me back a mug that I love using at school.

Sbux Paris Mug

The next two mugs are variations on a theme.

Prescription Coffee

Prescription Coffee Mug

I'll end this post with a coffee mug sporting a slogan that is a real FAIL!

Homicide Slogan

If you have a mug you'd like for me to feature in a future blog post, feel free to attach it to an e-mail to me. You can write me at rdloach[at]gmail[dot]com — just change the words in brackets to make it a real address. After the New Year, I'll do a post from my readers — the best of their prized mugs.

This week is our last week of classes. Next week is finals, and then Christmas break. Much to do in the next 8 days, though.


"Can it be right to give all our coldness to Christ and all our enthusiasm to the world?” — William Blaikie


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