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New Survivor Series

a cartoon about reality TV
Are you a fan of "reality TV" and so-called reality shows? I have viewed very little of them because many of them don't seem to be reality in my way of thinking. Take Fear Factor, for example. I could never figure out how getting people to do something they would never consider doing on their own - like eating horrific bugs or suspending themselves over a deep precipice - is "reality." Maybe some of my readers coud enlighten me on what I seem to be missing here.

Recently I received an e-mail with a great idea for a new Survivor series that I thought had some possibilities. See what you think.

new Survivor series

Six married men will be dropped on an island with one car and 3 kids each for six weeks.

Each kid will play two sports and either take music or dance classes.

There is no fast food.

Each man must take care of his 3 kids, keep his assigned house clean, correct all homework, and complete science projects, cook, do laundry, and pay a list of 'pretend' bills with not enough money. In addition, each man will have to budget in money for groceries each week.

Each man must remember the birthdays of all their friends and relatives, and send cards out on time--no emailing.

Each man must also take each child to a doctor's appointment, a dentist appointment, and a haircut appointment.

He must make one unscheduled and inconvenient visit per child to the Urgent Care.

He must also make cookies or cupcakes for a social function.

Each man will be responsible for decorating his own assigned house, planting flowers outside, and keeping it presentable at all times.

The men will have access to television only when the kids are asleep and all chores are done.

The men must shave their legs, wear makeup daily, adorn themselves with jewelry, wear uncomfortable yet stylish shoes, keep fingernails polished and eyebrows groomed. He must also work out daily and ensure that his body looks like it did when he was twenty.

During one of the six weeks, the men will have to endure severe abdominal cramps, back aches, and have extreme, unexplained mood swings but never once complain or slow down from other duties.

They must attend weekly school meetings, church, and find time at least once to spend the afternoon at the park or a similar setting.

They will need to read a book to the kids each night and in the morning, feed them, dress them, brush their teeth and comb their hair by 7:00 am.

A test will be given at the end of the six weeks, and each father will be required to know all of the following information: each child's birthday, height, weight, shoe size, clothes size and doctor's name. Also the child's weight at birth, length, time of birth, and length of labor, each child's favorite color, middle name, favorite snack, favorite song, favorite drink, favorite toy, biggest fear and what they want to be when they grow up.

They must clean up after their sick children at 2:00 a.m. and then spend the remainder of the day tending to that child and waiting on them hand and foot until they are better.

They must have a loving, age appropriate reply to, "You're not the boss of me".

The kids vote them off the island based on performance.

The last man left on the island wins, and he gets to play the game over and over and over again for the next 18-25 years, eventually earning the right to be called Mom!



"The fact is that we pray about what we care about most. If your prayer isn't God-focused it's because your life isn't God-focused." - Dr. Drew Conley

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Just remember, no matter where you go, there you are.

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9 Comments on “New Survivor Series”

  1. #1 Alfredo
    on Sep 29th, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    Eating horrific bugs and hanging over a precipice doesn’t sound too bad now.

  2. #2 Sue
    on Sep 29th, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    I would LOVE to see this one as a survivor series!

  3. #3 Rhonda
    on Sep 30th, 2008 at 8:13 am

    I’m glad you found this idea sufficiently entertaining to include on your blog! 🙂 I’m so proud to have played a small, small part in your IV success! 🙂

  4. #4 Rob
    on Sep 30th, 2008 at 10:18 am

    @Alfredo – those irrealities do indeed pale in comparison with the ultimate reality of mothering three children.

    @Sue – It would be fun to watch. That would be unreal! 🙂

    @Rhonda – Yes, indeed. Thank you very much! Most of what I post is from having nice readers like you thinking to send me such good things! It seemed like a perfect thing to post at my having survived yet another year of life. What was the whipped cream on top was receiving the cartoon of the chickens’ reality TV from a student the other day. The two items screamed out to be wedded in one post … SOON! And voilà!

  5. #5 Michael
    on Sep 30th, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    I think the thing that bothers me most about reality shows is that people are scheming to get what they want by manipulating others in the form of pretending to be their friend and to work with them. It’s really selfishness on parade. If I watch reality shows, I tend to prefer the ones where an individual does his or her best on his or her own.

  6. #6 Rob
    on Sep 30th, 2008 at 9:49 pm

    @Michael – What you have mentioned may be the only part of some of those shows that resembles reality at all.

  7. #7 Anna
    on Oct 1st, 2008 at 8:06 am

    This is great!! Just imagine the chaos!! I would like to see the men trying to walk in high heels…no actually that would not be a pretty sight. Let’s just stick to looking after the kids for six weeks or maybe more….

    Thanks, Rob, for the laugh. I really appreciate it.

  8. #8 Katy
    on Oct 2nd, 2008 at 12:42 am

    Love the picture and your quotations at the end of each post. I just found you on 9rules.

    And I hope everyone appreciates us moms. I’ve been there, with 3 kids, not for 6 weeks, but for the last 20 years!

  9. #9 Rob
    on Oct 2nd, 2008 at 8:26 am

    @Katy – Welcome to ivman’s blog! I’m glad you liked what you saw and hope you’ll come back often and explore. I checked out your site and plan to explore it more.