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New Tenants?

This afternoon we were pleased to see a pair of bluebirds checking out the now empty bird house. I cleaned out the chickadees' nest, and the house is now ready for new occupants. The bluebirds have been on and off the top of the bird house - and better yet, in and out of the bird house! We're trying not to get too excited since other pairs of bluebirds have done the same thing, but what makes this especially interesting is that this pair has been doing this almost non-stop for the past three or four hours. This certainly would help us get over our empty nest syndrome!

Here's a not-terribly-clear picture of the male bluebird atop the birdhouse. I tried zooming in from inside our kitchen window that overlooks the deck and garden.

picture of new tenant?

I'll keep you posted on whether they set up housekeeping....

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