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Is Gossip Still Gossip?


The fairly standard definition of gossip is idle chatter or rumors about the personal or private affairs of others, ranging from important to trivial matters. The internet makes it possible to spread gossip widely in mere seconds. What used to take a long time to filter through to others can now be shared with a single click. But there are many who share or become party to such information online who have never thought twice about the fact that they could be gossiping.

The word gossip is used for both the (mis?)information shared and for the person sharing the tidbit. I read a good definition of a gossip — "A person who will never tell a lie if the truth will do more damage." I doubt that a gossip's intentions are always malicious, but much harm can and does come from the spreading of private information, even if it's true.

One of our quandaries today is the fact that many people are very forthcoming with their private information, posting it all over online. Is the sharing of information a person posts about himself or herself gossip? I even wonder at times as I listen to "the news" on TV or radio or read various print media if I actually need to know much of what's being reported. We don't live in the Information Age — we live in the WTMI (way too much information) Age! Do we simply know too much about others? And how much of what we know is factual?

There are websites, blogs, and social media groups where people delight in sharing information and misinformation about others, sometimes not being careful about the accuracy of what they're sharing and always giving a wider audience to something someone was unfortunate enough to say or post in the public or even private arena. Many disputes that used to be handled in private conference are now the fare of internet flame wars.

As I was thinking about this post, I found several good quotations about gossip:
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Nobodies with Superpowers


Do you ever have thoughts rattling around in your head, conflicting thoughts that seem hard to reconcile? I've had several such thoughts in recent days.

A couple Saturdays ago several of my colleagues and I traveled to Columbia, SC, to attend the annual conference of SCFLTA (South Carolina Foreign Language Teachers Association). The key note speaker challenged us to think of ways to meet our individual students' needs and desires as learners of foreign language. One of the slides in her PowerPoint had a poster something like this one:
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Quotations from Our Presidents

Five Presidents 2008

Have you ever wondered what the conversation would be like if you could assemble all of our presidents, past and present, together in one place? The picture above is of the five living of our most recent presidents. I miss Reagan! Imagine the variety of opinions and philosophies just with those five alone!

Since this past Monday was Presidents' Day here in the USA, I thought I'd share some quotations I've assembled from some of our nations presidents. Some are humorous, but not all.

"Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder." — George Washington

"Washington, DC is 12 square miles bordered by reality." — Andrew Johnson

"Things are more like they are now than they have ever been." — Gerald Ford

"An amazing invention — but who would ever want to use one?" — Rutherford B. Hayes, sharing his thoughts about the telephone
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Do You Remember When?

Now Missing Link

Some of my younger readers may not recognize what the two items above have to do with each other. Sometimes the best way to rewind a cassette tape was with a wooden pencil which fit perfectly into those little holes.

I received a fun e-mail a while back that reminded me of all sorts of items from my youth. I thought it would be fun to reconstruct that e-mail in today's blog post, with several twists of my own.

You older folks will recognize the following item, no doubt.

45 Spindle Adapter
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Do We See Eye to Eye?

Since Valentine's Day is next week, I thought I'd do a post with some different aspects on how men and women see things differently.

On Monday of this week, both my second semester French students and second semester German students had a test that included the names of items of clothing and of colors. I enjoyed sharing with them a picture I had seen a while back on how women and men perceive colors differently. I don't endorse everything on the site this came from, but this one was worth sharing.

Color Names for Girls and Guys

I also saw another picture that brought a smile to my face.


Now on to three jokes that highlight how males and females don't always see eye to eye.

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