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Things Hidden in Company Logos

Recently I received an e-mail with some cool logos in it. The whole thrust of the e-mail was the things that graphic artists hide in company logos. I thought you might find some of these as interesting as I did.

I'll start off with one that many people have either noticed on their own or have had pointed out to them. What is the hidden message in the following logo?

FedEx Logo

Did you see the white arrow between the "E" and "x"? I thought it was really cool that the artist was also able to make that happen in the Arabic version of the FedEx logo below. The arrow points in the opposite direction, but then I believe that in Arabic they write from right to left.

FedEx Logo Arabic

The arrow in the next logo is much more visible and signifies that Amazon has everything from A to Z.
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Do You Take Notes?

Taking Notes

When I'm in meetings of various sorts, I often take notes. I guess that's how I ended up being the secretary of the deacons so many years at church. It's probably a hold-over from my student days, but jotting down notes also helps me pay better attention.

This past Sunday morning we saw a news clip about people who doodle as they take notes. If you'd like to see the clip, here's a link to it. I've never been a doodler. I guess my artistic expression shows up in other forms.

I don't usually get to see the notes that my students take in class, but if the following is an accurate reflection, the notes may be full of misunderstandings, missstatements, and wrong conclusions. It could also explain why a student sometimes says, "Well, in my notes I have that you said...." I want to say, "Well, if it's in your notes, I must have said that," with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. But I don't, being the nice man that I am. :-)


When the professor says:

"Probably the greatest quality of the poetry of John Milton, who was born in 1608, is the combination of beauty and power. Few have excelled him in the use of the English language, or for that matter, in lucidity of verse form, 'Paradise Lost' being said to be the greatest single poem ever written."

Student writes: John Milton — born 1608

When the professor says:
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More One-Liner Puns

Since last week's post was longer than usual, this week's is much shorter.

WARNING — don't read this unless you are free to have the occasional LOL, or at least to groan loudly.

I’ve had amnesia for as long as I can remember.

I'd like to pun about philosophy, but I Kant.

My skiing skills are really going downhill.

I don't enjoy computer jokes — not one bit.

I just read an ad for a job inspecting mirrors. I could really see myself doing that.

If you asked a plastic surgeon to make you look like a pelican, would you get a massive bill?

I heard a song today about tortillas. Is that what they call wrap music?

A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.

A shotgun wedding is a matter of wife or death.

I wanted to bring a penguin home but my parents said that wasn't going to fly.

Never trust an atom. They make up everything.

I usually avoid funerals. I'm just not a mourning person.

Oxygen and Potassium went on a date. It was OK.

As a career choice, pyrotechnics sparks my interest.
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A Little Fun with Downton Abbey

We had some very nice family times during the Christmas break. Megan, Jim, and the kids came to spend a week with us. In spite of all the various maladies, we were able to get everyone together several times. Becka has put together a very nice blog post about some of our activities, if you'd like some details and pictures.

With the dust settled from our visitors and from our trip to Ohio, we were ready to watch the first episode of the new season of the PBS series Downton Abbey. There have been lots of teasers on all fall. It really ramped up during PBS's pledge drive that I lovingly call their "Beg-a-thon." I love the following cartoon I saw about it on Facebook.

PBS Pledge Drive

One of the features of some of the various teasers PBS has run this fall was short interviews with some of the cast members not in costume or makeup. It's been almost shocking to see what some of the characters look like in real life — some are almost unrecognizable! Those of you who are unfamiliar with Downton Abbey won't enjoy today's post as much as do the dévotés, but you might find it interesting from an artistic standpoint, seeing what makeup and costuming can do to change one's appearance. You fans who haven't seen the teasers on PBS might really get a kick out of this.

I'll start off with some of the male characters. It's hard to make men look as radically different as women can look with altered hair colors/styles and makeup, but it is interesting nonetheless to see how some of the male characters look in real life. I'll go from what I think are the most recognizable to the least.
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Christmas Wishes

At this busy time of year, I thought my readers would enjoy a short blog post. It's three funny Christmas-related pictures.

The first two are for cat lovers (and haters).

Why I Knock Over Tree
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