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A Little Fun with Downton Abbey

We had some very nice family times during the Christmas break. Megan, Jim, and the kids came to spend a week with us. In spite of all the various maladies, we were able to get everyone together several times. Becka has put together a very nice blog post about some of our activities, if you'd like some details and pictures.

With the dust settled from our visitors and from our trip to Ohio, we were ready to watch the first episode of the new season of the PBS series Downton Abbey. There have been lots of teasers on all fall. It really ramped up during PBS's pledge drive that I lovingly call their "Beg-a-thon." I love the following cartoon I saw about it on Facebook.

PBS Pledge Drive

One of the features of some of the various teasers PBS has run this fall was short interviews with some of the cast members not in costume or makeup. It's been almost shocking to see what some of the characters look like in real life — some are almost unrecognizable! Those of you who are unfamiliar with Downton Abbey won't enjoy today's post as much as do the dévotés, but you might find it interesting from an artistic standpoint, seeing what makeup and costuming can do to change one's appearance. You fans who haven't seen the teasers on PBS might really get a kick out of this.

I'll start off with some of the male characters. It's hard to make men look as radically different as women can look with altered hair colors/styles and makeup, but it is interesting nonetheless to see how some of the male characters look in real life. I'll go from what I think are the most recognizable to the least.
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Christmas Wishes

At this busy time of year, I thought my readers would enjoy a short blog post. It's three funny Christmas-related pictures.

The first two are for cat lovers (and haters).

Why I Knock Over Tree
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Can Dentistry Be Humorous?

Becka is in the process of getting a crown on one of her teeth that broke recently. Since she's feeling a little down in the mouth, I thought she might enjoy being able to laugh at some things dental, if that is even possible, let alone appropriate at such a time as this. 😀

Anyway, fools rush in....

A man who dreads going to the dentist decided to ease his tension by listing his name as "The Wimp." The receptionist read it, laughed, and assured him that many patients felt the same way. Half an hour later, the receptionist came into the waiting room. Looking directly at him, she said, smiling, "The doctor will now see the wimp." Three other people got up with him.

Fiddler Roof Dentist
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Cat Humor

As I was looking through my picture folder recently, I realized that I had accumulated a good bit of cat humor. I thought I'd share it with you in this week's blog post.

Our cat Buddy, who is white once again after his chimney climbing adventure, loves to find new places to sleep. Here he is in Avery's baby seat.

Baby Buddy September

Here are several funnies about where cats sleep:
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Latest Signs

Last week's post was funny signs from around the world. The content of post was mostly verbiage. This week's post — the signs that have come my way recently — is mostly pictures.

I'll start off with several signs we saw on our recent trip to Ohio to see my mother, who is under hospice care. Becka did a nice post about our long weekend up there, so if you would like to read about it, it's on her blog. I would appreciate your prayers for Mom and for our family as we go through this difficult time.

To get from the town where my sister lives to the town where my mom lives, you have to go through a little town called West Millgrove. In the past the town was a speed trap, but apparently they cannot afford to pay for that kind of law enforcement now. Here's a pair of signs that amused us.

End Speed Limit

The former police must have been challenging people to accelerate that quickly as they left town.
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