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Safely Arrived in Asia

This will be an extremely short since I'm about braindead. Just wanted to let you know we're in Hong Kong safe and sound after an extremely long, but uneventful flight. I had a window seat and saw some great things from the air - Hudson Bay, the iced over Arctic Ocean with large cracks in the ice, and Siberia!

The airport here is beautiful and so clean! When we arrived at our hotel near the airport we were told that we were given a free upgrade to the Regal Club floor - 11th floor with a great view of the South China Sea. I think our Father surely had something to do with this. We saw such a gorgeous sunset this evening! One of the perks with the upgrade is free internet in the Regal Club lounge, hence a blog update.

We have an early morning flight tomorrow to the island that will be our home for the next three and a half weeks. More updates to come....

Preparations Continue

As our work week has come to an end, we will spend the bulk of the weekend packing and preparing for our departure. Tomorrow my wife and I will begin the doses of coumadin our doctor prescribed to help prevent blood clots during our 15.5 hour flight. It's interesting that this component of rat poison in small doses will thin the blood.

We're really looking forward to meeting our students at the university where we'll be teaching and to getting to know people there. We have heard from many how graciously guests are received there. I checked the weather online today and learned that, if for no other reason, our welcome will be warm. The day of our arrival on the island the temp will rise to 96 F with thunderstorms.

This coming Monday, as always, our celebration of the 4th of July will include celebrating my wife's birthday.

Strangers in Paradise?

I thought you might like to see several images of where we'll be in July. The first one shows some local scenery.

picture of the tropics

We'll be teaching at a university - my wife will be teaching Interior Decorating and I will be teaching French culture.

picture of one of the university buildings

More Asian posts to come....