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More Mug Shots

In my blog post before last, I posted pictures of coffee mugs and asked my readers to share any that they personally like. Several people took me up on it in the comments to that post and by sending me some pictures. So I am posting today what they've sent.

Here's one about the downside of dating.

Dating Snow Flakes Mug

Here's one with a Herbert Hoover quotation on it.

Blessed Are The Young

Here are several fun ones about coffee itself.
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Interesting Signs

After going through a bit of a "blogging funk," I am going to post some of the signs that have accumulated in my folder. I was so busy before Thanksgiving (before I stopped working at Starbucks), that my enthusiasm for my blog waned greatly. Then with the holidays and illness, it has taken me this long to "resurface." We'll see if this new beginning gets me going again.

Without further ado, I will now post this strange mixture of signs that have come my way.

If I am reading this first sign correctly, hardly anyone would qualify to use this toilet.

Disabled What?!

I would think that any of this company's personnel would be "organic," that is, unless they are robots or bionic or something similar.

Organic People Only

You've got to love unfortunate misspellings, as in this next sign.
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Mug Shots

Being a coffee hound, I am also a fan of coffee mugs. Coffee mugs can deliver most of the messages that can be found on t-shirts, and often do. But sometimes even better. Today's post is some mugs I've seen lately that I think are pretty cool or funny.

I shared a picture a while back that was based on the following picture I stumbled upon online, who knows where. I would love to have this mug!

Ah Coffee!

Friends went to France this summer and brought me back a mug that I love using at school.
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You Had One Job

Monday evening at Starbucks one of the weirdest things ever happened to me as I was working drive-thru. I was running a guest's Starbucks card through the register and my headset fell off. Somehow the headset hit the card just right (or just wrong?) and broke it in two lengthwise! Below is a picture my shift supervisor took of the card and of me leaning out the window, trying to explain to the poor guest what had happened to his card.

One Job Sbux

She posted the picture on our store's private group on Facebook with the caption, "Rob, you had one job." A fellow partner said in my defense, "Actually, Rob has two jobs." Of course, by this weekend I will be able to say, "I had two jobs, but now I have just one."

The thing about "you had one job" made me think of a few pictures I have of some results of people who had one job, which they did poorly. I will share them today.

It's unseasonably cold here this week, like in most everywhere else in the country. I don't know who put up this display of footwear, but wow!
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Orphaned Blog?

People have been asking why they haven't seen any blog posts from me in a while. It's because life has been crazy busy. However, things will be getting back to normal soon. Let me 'splain....

On June 2 of this year I started working at Starbucks as a barista. There were many reasons that I chose to do that. Here are a few:

1. I had plenty of time on my hands since I was on summer vacation.
2. I love coffee.
3. I love people.
4. As a teacher in a Christian college, I am around people whose worldview is mostly similar to mine. I wanted to connect naturally with people whose worldview might be different from mine, to learn and to engage.
5. I hope to retire from teaching in a few more years (how many, yet undetermined), and I don't want to sit and rust as I wait for Jesus' return or my death, whichever comes first. I want to do something meaningful and enjoyable in my old age, but just not full time.

I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with people on both sides of the coffee bar. Having started at Starbucks in June and having learned most of what I needed for the job, I thought I would be able to keep both jobs going throughout the school year. After all, I managed just fine working there all summer. Admittedly, the first week or two of the school year were rough as I adjusted to a very full schedule. But then things fell into a fairly comfortable rhythm. As we approach the holidays, though, business at Starbucks, which always seems to be busy, is picking up significantly, and they have needed all of us to work more and more hours. Last week I worked 19 hours, and this week 23 hours! And that, on top of teaching full time!
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