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A Job Well Done?, take 2

Week before last my blog post called A Job Well Done featured pictures of some results of people's doing their work poorly. Today's post is more pictures of other results.

The first few are some products that demonstrate a lack of knowledge in either the designer or in those executing the designs.

The t-shirt maker was right, at least, in knowing that the name of the continent begins and ends with an "A."

Which Continent?!

This next one shows that someone needs to learn some basic English grammar.
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Coffee Humor

On our trip out west earlier this summer, of course I was on the lookout for funny signs. Though not technically a sign, one that I spotted in Williams, AZ, was humorous to me as a French prof and barista since the French word for coffee is café.

Coffee and Cafe

I didn't go inside to see how they distinguished their coffee from their café, but I'm guessing that my inquiring about it probably would not have made sense to them. But honestly, the more I think about the name of the place, the odder it gets.

Yesterday morning my Keurig Mini Plus B31, which had been behaving strangely for several days, decided not to work at all. I was ready to look for a replacement until our neighbor Mary suggested I call Keurig. The woman on the phone was very nice and talked me through several steps. She finally declared my beyond-warranty Keurig defective, but she offered me a discount on a replacement. I told her I would think about it.

I remembered reading online about descaling a Keurig with white vinegar. That, after doing the Keurig rep's maneuvers with the paper clip to clean out the needles, had my little coffee maker up and running again!

I decided that maybe some coffee humor might be in order. Here are some random pictures I have been sent or pointed to, since my readers know my love for coffee. :-)

Coffee Machine Broken
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A Job Well Done?

Well Done Fortune

Does it frustrate you when people don't do their jobs well? Doing a poor job seems to be the MO of many people these days, as in not putting the fortune inside the fortune cookie. The "inspiration" for this blog post is the confluence of several events recently. One is my having started to work as a barista at a local Starbucks this summer. I wanted to have a part-time job, and since I love people and coffee, Starbucks seemed like the perfect place to apply to work. I am enjoying the job very much, and there is surprisingly much to learn, and to remember! I really want to do my job well, for the sake of my customers and of the other partners in the café.

Here's a picture of me in my barista disguise.

Rob the Barista

Another event that helped trigger today's post was the experience that a former student of mine had this week. She is currently a student at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, for 9 months of culinary training. (Imagine my excitement to have a former student doing that!!!) Kerry is sharing her experiences on Facebook almost daily as they happen and then weekly in greater detail on her blog, Kerry Hands. Some of you may enjoy following her adventures.

One of Kerry's experiences recently was cooking beef, to French specifications. How done would you say the meat is in the following picture?
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Ironic Signs, take 2

A few weeks ago, I posted some ironic signs. Today's post is the second half of the signs that have accumulated in that folder on my trusty computer. Once again, I offer them with little or no commentary. Technically speaking, several are not of actual signs — they are pictures of packaging or of writing on vehicle.

Beef Chicken

Ironic Riverview

Ironic Telemarketers
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Five Short Jokes

This week's post is five short jokes that I hope will give you a little break for smiling and/or laughing. Here goes....

My father is a skilled CPA who is not great at self-promotion. So, when an advertising company offered to put my father's business placard in the shopping carts of a supermarket, my dad jumped at the chance.

A full year went by before he got a call that could be traced to those placards.

"Richard Larson, CPA?" the caller asked.

"That's right," my excited father answered. "May I help you?"

"Yes," the voice said. "One of your shopping carts is in my yard, and I want you to come and get it."


One day, at the dry-cleaning shop of a local Air Force Base, a young airman described in great detail how he wanted his uniform cleaned and pressed. When he finished, the counter clerk asked, "Are you getting an award, or do you have an important military function to attend?"

"Nothing like that," the airman said. "I'm going home on leave, and my little brother is taking me to his second-grade class for show-and-tell."


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