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Nothing Says Christmas Season Quite Like…


I heard my first Clapper commercial of the season the other day, and knew at once that I should do a post on The Clapper and the Chia™ Pet.

Though we've never owned and have never even wanted to own a Chia™ Pet, Becka and I took the plunge back in the 1990's and bought what was then called a Smart Clapper. Since the little black and white TV in our bedroom had no remote control, we thought the "Smart Clapper" would be a great alternative to having to get up to turn off the TV. Well, our "Smart" Clapper proved to be a Dumb Clapper! The first time we used it to turn off our TV, we heard a disturbing pop from the TV set as it turned off for the last time. I returned the "Smart Clapper" to the store for full refund, but we had to replace our fried TV ourselves. It was actually probably about time for a new one anyway, but still....

Here's a picture of the original Smart Clapper, first sold to the public in the mid-1980's.

Smart Clapper

As I did my homework for this post, I learned that our experience with the Smart Clapper and TV's was not unique. After perfecting their technology so that it wouldn't destroy TV's, they renamed the new product simply The Clapper. But wait! They've gone even further and now have The Clapper Plus — a Clapper with its own remote. Here's a picture of the latest one.
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Final Bodacious Bonza Bottler Day

picture of Bonza Bottler logo

Wednesday of this week is the final Bodacious Bonza Bottler Day (BBBD) of our lifetime. Bonza Bottler Day is when the number of the month and the day of the month are the same — for instance January 1 (1-1), February 2 (2-2), and so on. February 2, Groundhog Day in the USA, gives the monthly holiday its mascot and logo. If you want to know more about the history and purpose of the holiday, you can read more on the official website. A Bodacious Bonza Bottler Day is when the number of the month, day, and year are the same.

When I last posted about BBBD on 10-10-10, I mentioned that December 12, 2012, would be the final BBBD of this century. The reason this is the final BBBD for us is that there are only 12 months in a year. If we had a thirteenth month, maybe named Oncember, we could have another BBBD next year on 13-13-13, but alas....

I hope, when you saw the title of my blog post, you weren't thinking that I am buying into the prediction of a cataclysm on the final day — December 21, 2012 — on the Mayan Calendar. If you're not familiar with all that, there's an article about it on Wikipedia.

A friend on Facebook asked her friends if any of us actually believe the world is going to end on Dec. 21 because the Mayan calendar doesn't go any further. I commented something to the effect that if the Father hasn't told the Son, I doubt that He shared that information with the Mayans!

I like several cartoonists' thoughts and explanations of the whole matter.

Frank and Ernest have their own punny take on it.

Frank + Ernest Mayan

This next cartoon is great, in light of the cataclysmic "fiscal cliff" we keep hearing about.

Here's my favorite:

I hope this gave you a much needed laugh, and maybe even a reason for at least a small celebration on 12-12-12. A lifelong friend is celebrating his last birthday in his 50's on today. Hope it's a nice day for you, Scott, and if the the Mayan Calendar is wrong, you'll get to celebrate your big 6-0 a year from. 🙂

We are in final exams here at BJU. I have lots more to do before this semester becomes history for me, and I'm looking forward to the change of pace that our Christmas break will bring.


"I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God's hands, that I still possess." — Martin Luther


If God wanted me to touch my toes, He would have put them on my knees.

Warm Thoughts in December

By the weather here in Greenville, you would not know it's December. But I realize that some of you readers have already had snow this fall. Since winter is coming soon to most of my readers, I'm sharing some ideas today for staying warm.

I saw the following picture on Facebook recently.

I guess the idea is that hopping around in a sleeping bag would look ridiculous, so this would look better? But if you love camping and struggle with somnambulance (sleep walking), sleeping bag pants could be just the thing for you!

I decided to look around online to see what other innovative items for keeping warm were available.

If you're not into something like the sleeping bag pants, you could go for the super hero look. Here's a picture of a hooded Superman Onesie.
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Animal Diaries

Monday of this week was a sad day at our house — we had to have our cat of 17½ years put to sleep. Without going into detail I will tell you that she was growing increasingly miserable and thin from several different conditions, and the vet recommended that we euthanize her. Today's post is in memory of Adelaide.

We got Adelaide in the spring of 1995 as an 8-week-old kitten from the Humane Society. She was an absolutely adorable kitten, a feisty young cat, and a playful yet affectionate older cat who didn't lose her playfulness until the final year of her life. Not only was she a formidable huntress of creatures smaller than she, she was also able to put much larger animals in their place. In my mind's eye I can still see her as a young cat riding the neighbors' yelping chow out of our yard. How dare that nasty dog invade her territory?!

Having a cat with so much personality, we've had several nicknames for her through the years, depending on her role at the time. When she would curl up and purr next to a family member who was sick, we would call her Florence Nightingale. Long after she was a kitten, she still played like one. That perpetual youthfulness would prompt us to call her Doris Day.

In recent years it was her great delight to be on the desk whenever Becka and I were working on the laptop. Since she acted as if she were our secretary, we called her a name that possibly no one but us remembers. When Becka and I lived in Detroit, we were very amused at a recurring TV commercial in which a family was gathered for the reading of the will of a dearly-departed wealthy relative. The line we loved from that ad was something like "...and the bulk of my estate I leave to my faithful secretary Wanda Simone." That is our name for Adelaide that surfaced often in recent months. Here's a picture of our faithful secretary Wanda Simone this past Saturday evening.

Adelaide became more and more fixated on the laptop in her last couple of weeks, to the point of walking on it and even lying on it in our absence. When she walked on it, she had a special gift for opening programs and changing settings. In the picture below, you can see her walking away from a romp on the laptop. In the picture above, it is she who opened the search box on the computer with her footfalls!

You can also see in those two pictures, the second one especially, how emaciated she had become. As she walked around on the laptop, she did some "typing" in the search box she had opened. Below is a screen capture of the results of that prancing. She was able to capitalize some letters and then return to lower case! And in the middle of the string is "bju"!

I wonder if Adelaide would have come up with something like the following, if given sufficient time.
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Sense of Urgency?

This is a very short blog post to let my readers know that Megan's biopsy results have come back. The short of it is that her thyroid nodule is benign and that she does not have cancer! We are thanking the Lord for this wonderful answer to prayer. To those of you who prayed and shared words of encouragement, thank you so much!

If you want to read about her experience in her own words, Megan has done a blog post about it, including some cute pictures of Drew and Maddie.

I can't, of course, post without at least a bit of humor. Here's a story that I find quite amusing, dealing as I do with foreign languages and cultures.


A man was vacationing in Italy and saw that people were taking things really easy, so he asked the Italian tour guide, "You know, in Mexico people take things slowly and have a word in Spanish — mañana. It means tomorrow — it can wait till tomorrow. Do you have a word for it in Italian?"

The guide thought for a moment, and then replied, "No, I don't think we have any word with quite such a sense of urgency."


"Anger is never without reason, but seldom with a good one." — Benjamin Franklin

=^..^= =^..^=

In the beginning of his career Houdini escaped through a trap door on the floor. It was just a stage he was going through. Who knew he would lower himself to such levels?!