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Adult Ed Classes

picture of adult ed announcement

Many adults enjoy taking evening and weekend classes to continue learning, to pursue special interests, or to fulfill requirements for their work. Enjoyment, of course, may depend on the reason/s for taking the classes and the mix of individuals present. With Valentine's Day this next weekend I thought I would share some classes I have heard about — one list for men only and one list for women only.
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Signs of Interest

Recently our son Mark sent me a picture of a sign he passes frequently. The unfortunate sign that has somehow lost one letter:

picture of funny sign

When I looked in that folder, I found some great signs I had forgotten about. Hope you enjoy them.
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Old Friends

picture of 100th anniversary of Boy Scouts

I heard on the news the other evening that the Boy Scouts of America will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary. I looked online to find out the exact anniversary date and learned that the BSA was founded February 8, 1910, by Chicago publisher William D. Boyce after discovering scouting during a visit to England the previous year. If you are interested in learning about scouting, there is a lot of information on Wikipedia. There I found this neat old poster done for the 50th anniversary of the BSA:

picture of Smokey with two scouts

Ideas for my blog posts are frequently the result of the collision of several ideas in my head. Today's is one of those. Last week I received a joke that made me laugh out loud and I knew I wanted to share it soon. Also last week I was "friended" on Facebook by a guy I was close to in junior high school. We both sang alto in the school choir and enjoyed camping. His family moved away at the end of junior high, we did not keep in touch, and this is the first I've heard from him in almost 40 years. Thoughts of a bunch of old scouts celebrating the anniversary of BSA, reconnecting with John on Facebook, and the joke I received made me think of the theme of old friends. Here's the joke I received:
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How to Fail a Test with Dignity, take 2

picture of test answer

The week before final exams last semester, I did a blog post called "How to Fail a Test with Dignity," about some hilarious answers students have written on tests. One of my readers sent me an e-mail with more test questions and answers. I'm a little suspicious as to the authenticity of these for several reasons — none of the questions have a number in front of them, the font looks about the same on all the "tests," and the handwriting in several appears to be the same. Maybe the originator had a list of test questions and the answers given, and then tried to re-create them. Whatever, they are funny and I pass them on to you, my dear readers.

In one of the answers in the previous post, a students drew an elephant and said the object in the test question would not continue to move because an elephant was in the way. Another student tried to use that same dumb answer, but with even less success — the teacher noticed a missing (de)tail:

picture of corrected test answer

WARNING: As you continue to read this post, be sure you are somewhere where you can laugh out loud, in case some of these strike you really funny. These read almost like a series of one-liners.
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Unusual Animal Markings

Have you ever felt like what they call a "marked man?" This past week I had three different men tell me that they felt as though they had a target painted on them for one reason or another. With each of these men I joked about the Far Side cartoon below:

picture of cartoon

Then the other day I stumbled upon a picture of a cat with an interesting set of markings on its back:

picture of cat on cat

As I ruminated on Hal's birthmark and the cool cat with the black cat marking (which looks to be authentic), I decided to see if I could find any other pictures of animals with interesting markings. Here are two where I'm certain the markings are not something the animals were born with.
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