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What to Eat and What Not to Eat

I've recently received some good cartoons about food, diet, and exercise. I wonder if we're to the point where those New Year's resolutions have become a bit less resolute. Here are several cartoons, followed by some other thoughts about what we should eat and what we shouldn't eat.

diet cartoon

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Smart Car Body Kits

Many Europeans are keen on their "Smart Car" — "the first European electric vehicles that are fully operational for everyday use." The concept is owned by the Germans and manufactured in France. To give you an idea of the size of the Smart Car, here's a picture of this energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly vehicle that our government will probably soon mandate that we all must use, much like the squiggly fluorescent light bulb.

picture of smart car

They come in a variety of colors — here's a picture of a stack of them at a dealership.
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Long Live the Queen!

picture of Queen Elizabeth - Time's 1952 Woman of the Year

Happy Presidents' Day! It might seem strange to give the title "Long Live the Queen!" to a Presidents' Day blog post and to start off with a picture of Queen Elizabeth II of England, but I think my doing so will make more sense to you as you read the post. Many people know the expressions, "God Save the King!" or more recently "God Save the Queen!" He seems to have done just that with Queen Elizabeth II.

In February 1952, at the age of 25, Elizabeth ascended the throne to become the queen. Time magazine named her its Woman of the Year for 1952. That was a long time ago, and that young queen is now in her eighties. I hope this post of pictures with little commentary will document at least one aspect of her 58 years as queen, so far.

For Presidents' Day 2010 I would like to do a tribute to the presidents through the eyes of Queen Elizabeth II.
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Snow and Skiing

picture of satellite view of NE USA

The picture above is a satellite view of the Washington D.C. area earlier this week from NASA. Look at all that snow-covered ground! And that part of the country is supposed to be getting even more snow. It's neat to see the Appalachians highlighted by the snow. I bet some people in D.C., Philly, and NYC are hoping that whoever upset Al Gore will apologize to him so that he'll give them back their global warming. As the Lord dumps tons of snow on some of the hotbeds of the global warming hoax, He is proving that He has a delightful sense of humor. Fill-in-the-blank test item: "Professing themselves to be wise, they became ___."

How much snow is too much? Growing up in NW Ohio and living for about a decade in the Detroit area, my wife and I came to regard heavy snows and months of dirty snow and ice as just a normal part of life. Now that we've lived in South Carolina for over a quarter of a century, we love the idea of normalcy here — little to no snow, year after year, with the occasional French-toast-comfort-food scares where everyone empties the grocery stores of milk, bread, and eggs. (BTW, our crocuses are blooming here today.)

Did you know that snowmen can find too much snow depressing? Below is a picture a friend sent me yesterday to prove it:
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Adult Ed Classes

picture of adult ed announcement

Many adults enjoy taking evening and weekend classes to continue learning, to pursue special interests, or to fulfill requirements for their work. Enjoyment, of course, may depend on the reason/s for taking the classes and the mix of individuals present. With Valentine's Day this next weekend I thought I would share some classes I have heard about — one list for men only and one list for women only.
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