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Hunting Season

picture of deer

What's your reaction when someone mentions the word hunting? Some say, "Oh, dear!" but many say, "Oh, DEER!" I have never gone hunting myself. My dad used to hunt when I was a little boy. I distinctly remember an evening when I was in first grade when Dad came home from hunting, chilled to the bone and nothing to show for it. He pronounced that he was done with hunting, and he never went again. There went my chances to learn to hunt! My brother-in-law Dan enjoys hunting, as do many friends here in Greenville. My wife and I enjoy it when wild game is shared with us and when we're served wild game in other people's homes. But at this stage of life, I don't think I'm destined to become a hunter. I'll just enjoy other aspects of the great outdoors, along with those occasional meals of wild game that hunters provide for us.

Today's "instant vacation" is several jokes and funny pictures about hunters and hunting. Hunters and non-hunters alike will find something here to laugh at in this one. Here goes....

Two hunters got lost in the woods. The first hunter said, "Don't worry. All we have to do is shoot into the air three times, stay where we are, and someone will find us."

So they shot in the air three times, but no one came. After a while, they tried it again; still no response. Finally the second hunter said, "I suppose we can try again, but it better work this time — we're down to our last three arrows.”
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Are You Looking for a Sign?

I love coming across a funny sign. Some of my readers do too and have passed along pictures of signs they have seen personally or found while surfing. I'll start off with a warning sign I found online:

picture of warning sign

Here are several more warning signs. This sign would have been a great addition to my post Forgive us our trespasses.

picture of no trespassing sign

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I Think, Therefore I…

picture of Le Penseur by Rodin

Next week in Survey of French Lit class we will be looking at some of the writings of Descartes. His famous je pense, donc je suis (I think, therefore I am) has radically changed the way many people view life, especially the French. They tend to be very skeptical and pride themselves on their reasoning abilities. However in French, just as in English, words can have two different meanings — for instance take the phrase "I rent my garments." Similarly in French je suis can mean either "I am" or "I follow", depending on the context. Sometimes I wonder how things would be in France today if Descartes had really meant, "I think, therefore I follow."

In today's iv, if you can put aside the illogic of all these philosophers, inventors, and scientific/mathematical people being together in the same café at the same time, there are some high-class puns that will definitely add a measure of "gravitas" to ivman's blague.

The Philosophers' Café

René Descartes was sitting in a café. The café owner asked if he would like another espresso. He replied, "I think not." And he vanished!

Pierre and Marie Curie sat there beaming radiantly after Descartes vanished in a puff of smoke.

The café owner then noticed Einstein was there, and he asked him what he thought of what had happened. Einstein replied, "It's all relative."

At another table, Ivan Pavlov drooled, as if Descartes' logical disappearance rang a bell.

Sir Isaac Newton pondered the gravity of the situation.
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More Inventions

In July I posted pictures of some inventions that showed great creativity. Today's post is the next installment of inventions. Some of these may make you wonder why anyone would even think of making something like that, but some may find you saying, "I've gotta have one of those!"

We'll start off with something that Lego fans may find irresistible — Lego earrings.

picture of Lego earrings

picture of Lego earrings

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Let Me Get This Straight…

picture of confusing clock

Confusion comes in so many different forms. Sometimes we see something that we have a hard time taking in, whether it be an optical illusion or just simply a scene or situation that is complicated or contradictory. Other times we hear something that we have a hard time assimilating. I tend to be a visual learner, and so hearing something confusing causes more problems for me than seeing something confusing. If someone spells something to me aloud, they might as well be doing so with a foreign alphabet that I don't know!

A reader sent me the following the other day from Reader's Digest. The person on the other end of the phone must have been like me....

My friend opened a ministry, using a snippet from the Bible as the name. But he soon regretted his decision to order office supplies over the phone. When his stationery arrived, it bore the letterhead "That Nun Should Perish. - Tom Harrison

I can't imagine printing up a large quantity of something like that without asking for clarification first!

Whichever kind of learner you are, you might find it helpful to read the first two pieces below aloud to get the full impact.
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