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Planning Ahead

We're in the time of the school year where we teachers are doing lots of planning for the semester and, really, for the whole school year. Planning out a semester's worth of work is harder than it might seem, to those who have never taught. You keep evaluating and re-evaluating whether you can get it all done or if you have enough, if you've left out anything vital, and on and on it goes — particularly if you have a new course or a new textbook.

As I am currently working through the final details of my course syllabi, I thought it would be nice to take a look at some pictures of examples of poor planning or poor execution of good plans. This could also be titled "You had only one job!" but we'll consider mostly the planning aspect.

Did you know that they have schools to teach you to plan?! Even at a school where they teach architects to plan buildings, things don't always work out....

College of Architectural Planning

The plans for this drain were clearly too lofty.

Bad Drainage

Here's a different kind of drainage problem.

Drainage Problem

Here are a few food items where things didn't go as planned.

Ice Cream Cone

Christmas Bunny

Well Done Fortune Cookie

You would think that people working with designs would plan better, but no....


Billboard Mishap

Marie Antoinette

I'm wondering if that last one was supposed to be Marie-Antoinette.

Road workers need to plan for the unplanned, as shown in the following three pictures.

Fork in Stripe

Striped Car

Shovel in Pavement

When making a t-shirt, a bit of planning would be a good thing.

Asia Africa

This final one takes the prize, literally!

Would that be "thirst" prize???

3st Prize


personal update...

Last week I had my post-op check-up with my "electrician" cardiologist, and he is now my former cardiologist. This morning I had the echocardiogram stress test ordered by my "plumber" cardiologist. Praise the Lord, it shows that I am at low risk for a heart attack in the next two years! It would have also been an answer to prayer if the test had shown that I had a problem since we would have known what we had to deal with. But it is especially nice to have this cardiac phase ending. With family history, I will probably have another one down life's road, but in keeping with this blog post, that's not according to plan. But then life doesn't often go according to plan.


"Discipline doesn't enable me to do just what I should do. It also enables me to do what I want to do." — Ted Allston

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I was hitchhiking one day and a hearse stopped to offer me a ride. I said, "No thanks. I'm not planning on going that far today."