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Punny Books

I remember that as a child I loved puns on book titles and authors. I've been compiling punny book titles for a while and am ready to unleash them on my readers. Some of them are more easily understood when read out loud. WARNING: You may want to be sure you are reading this in a place where you are free to LOL, or at least to groan loudly.

Having been a good little library helper in junior high, I have arranged the list in alphabetical order by the author's last name. And now as a wiser adult, I have removed from the list inappropriate ones that amused me as a junior higher. 😳

Remember — you can't always judge a book by its cover and author!

Truancy by Marcus Absent

Positive Reinforcement by Wade Ago

I Didn't Do It! by Ivan Alibi

Nuclear Explosives by Adam Baum

Songs for Children by Barbara Blacksheep

Stop Arguing by Xavier Breath

Desert Crossing by I. Rhoda Camel

Gas Guzzlers by Russ T. Carrburata

The Unsung Vegetable by R. T. Choke

Tickling Your Fancy by Kit G. Coo

French Overpopulation by Francis Crowded

Don't Touch That Light Switch! by Frieda D. Dark

I Lost My Balance by Eileen Dover and Phil Down

Prison Security by Barb Dweyer

Downpour! by Wayne Dwops

Songs from "South Pacific" by Sam and Janet Evening

French Egg Dishes by Sue Flay

Things to Do at a Fall Party by Bob N. Frapples

Pain Relief by Ann L. Gesik

It's Springtime! by D. Theresa Green

DIY House Construction by Bill Jerome Holmes

Split Personalities by Jacqueline Hyde

Unemployed by Anita Jobb

Housing Problems by Rufus Lee King

I Hate Sunlight by Gladys Knight

The Bruce Lee Story by Marsha Lartz

Fallen Garments by Lucy Lastic

Sherlock Holmes Does it Again by Scott Linyard

Rapunzel, Rapunzel by Harris Long

Fifty Yards to the Outhouse by Willy Makit and Betty Woant

The Gang's All Here by Maude D. Merria

Sleeping Beauty by Althea N. Midremes

The Art of Archery by Beau Narrow

The Scent of Man by Jim Nasium

Candle Vaulting by Jack B. Nimble

Green Lawn Furniture by Patty O'Chairs

Irish Dentistry by Perry O'Dontal

First Responders by R. U. O'Kaye

Indian-Italian Fusion Cuisine by Ravi Oley

Yoko's Robe by Kim Ono

Italian Delicacies by Liz Onya

Irish Heart Surgery by Angie O'Plasty

Nice Hotels by Mary Ott

Danger! by Luke Out

My Career As a Clown by Abe Ozo

The Monkey Cage by Jim Panzee

Where to Find Islands by Archie Pelago

Off to Market by Tobias A. Pigg

Living on a Budget by Penny Pincher

Because I Say So! by Frank O. Pinion

House Plants by Clay Potts

April Fool! by Sue Prize

The World's Deadliest Joke by Theophilus Punoval

Not Bogged Down In Reality by Jason Rainbows

Nordic Groundskeepers by Leif Raker

Don't Tread On Me by Amanda B. Reckondwith

Outdoor Activities by Alf Resco

Indiana Jones' Adventures by Darrin Rescue

Bad Investment by Les Riches

I Can Fix It by Jerry Rigg

Germs by Mike Robes

Joe Wins at the Track Meet by C. Howie Runns

Playing with the Christmas Fire by Yule B. Sari

The Telltale Heart by Stefi Scope

Maritime Rules by Paula Sea

The Twelfth Month by Dee Sember

Rules For Living by Sharon Sharalyke

Do It Yourself by Tyrone Shoelaces

He Disappeared by Otto Sight

Great Tennis Matches by Davey Skupp

Look Younger by Faye Slift

The Optimist's Handbook by Keith Smylen

Traditional Footware by Susan Socks

Teenagers of the '50's by Bobbie Sox

How to Get an Extended Tour of the Prison by Robin Steele

Weepy Movie by Maude Lynn Story

Without Warning by Oliver Sudden

Why Cars Stop by M. T. Tank

Tight Situation by Leah Tard

Keeping Old Furniture Looking Good by Ann Teak

I Was Framed! by Gil Tee

Alone at Last by Saul E. Terry

Animal Diseases by Anne Thrax

I Want to Help by Abel N. Willin

You Can Have This Job by Ike Witt

Ready...Set... by Sadie Word

Raising Flowers by Hand by Flo Wrist

Then the Lion Attacked by Claude Yarmoff

Mensa Man by Gene Yuss

Hollywood Gossip by Phyllis Zinn

The German Bank Robbery by Hans Zupp


Are any of you former library helpers? I used to have my framed award on my bookcase here at home, but since it was done on a spirit duplicator, the writing eventually became so faded, that it was just a framed piece of white paper. So go earthly accolades....


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