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Random Humor

My readers and students send me some of the funniest stuff, knowing what my sense of humor is like. One of the problems is that so many things wouldn't fit into any one topic for a blog post. So the topic of this one is randomness to allow me to share some of the great things I've received lately.

This basketball player must have been forewarned, because now he's four-armed.

Forewarned Is Four-Armed

I've been told that the Wizard of Oz is only of the most universally recognizable pieces of Americana. During my 40 years of teaching, I have had drop many bits of humor from my repertoire because my students no longer recognized them, and the time required to explain the humor was simply not profitable. I can attest that most of my American students still respond to some of the most oblique references to the Wizard of Oz. Here's some humor about the movie most of Americans will get ... I think....

Ultimate Chick Flick

My students know I love music and puns, and so this bit of humor came my way.

Under A Rest

The following is funny, even if one's musical tastes include or don't include Justin Bieber.


I did a post a while back on various flavors of Pringles. These chips aren't Pringles brand, but I'm trying to imagine what they taste like.

Peasant Flavour

One of my huge interests in life is language. The following are some fun looks at different aspects of language. I'll start off with some general language principles and English.

I did a post about memes. Here's one that's fun.

English Language Teacher

How would you like to have a jury of language police?

English Major Jury

Grammar Nazis affirm that ending a sentence with a preposition is one thing up with which they will not put. But apparently such grammatical restrictions are nothing new.

Ancient Grammar Police

Punctuation is so important. If we're careless, we can conjure up all kinds of wrong images in readers' minds.

Clubbing Baby Seals

A former student who had spotted a great misspelling sent me the following:

A quote from a request for bids to put a new coating on a concrete floor - "Certain areas of the floor, which is painted concrete, require recoating for safety, operation cleanliness and ascetics."

(Rob inserts - I guess a concrete floor might very well be ascetically pleasing.)


This past semester one of my German students sent me the following.

You Know You're German

This was a more recent acquisition about German.

Shout German

I'm sure my French students might agree with the following.

Learning French

A student of mine from Canada found this one funny.

Ol Eh

There are several things my language students just have to memorize in order to use them correctly. I tell my students to know them so well that when they hear them, their mouths start to water. Then I ask them if the name Pavlov rings a bell. (Met with students' groans....) One of them sent me the following about Pavlov.


Since Father's Day is this Sunday, I'll end with some dad humor that moms don't find as funny as dads and kids do.

How They See It

So you see, I get lots of funny stuff that doesn't go together under any category other than random.

I hope you dads all get spoiled at least a little this weekend.


"Truth is not something that we develop. Truth is something that we discover." — Bill Moorehead


Statistics prove it all comes down to the numbers. (from a reader who is a former student of mine)

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2 Comments on “Random Humor”

  1. #1 Michael
    on Jun 12th, 2013 at 10:20 am

    That’s the kind of jury I’d like to be on! And, again, I lament the fact that more and more people use apostrophes to indicate plural things.

  2. #2 Theron
    on Jun 12th, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    I don’t think “Grammar Nazis” is the term to use when discussing “up with not putting” ending sentences with a preposition. It was Winston Churchill who said it first.