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Scented Candles for Men

picture of scented candles

Are there certain aromas that you love? I could name some that I don't love, but I'll spare you. Some of my favorites, though, are outdoorsy smells, many of which are part of camping. If someone could capture those fragrances in scented candles, I might appreciate them more. Some candles aren't too bad at all, but I find some scented candles annoyingly overpowering — too sweet, too strong, or too something else.

This past weekend my son and I went camping in the mountains of North Carolina, about an hour and a half from Greenville. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time together and doing things we both like to do. I'll tell more about it after the humor, for those who are interested in our exploits. One of the enjoyable aspects of camping is the great smells. Those aromas started me thinking about some of the smells that we men like most. Instead of all the flowery or fruity fragrances of scented candles, we men would be more likely prefer some of the following.

Scented Candles For Men

Leather Jacket

The Woods


New Car


Freshly Caught Bass

Wet Dog (your own dog, of course)

Wood Fire

Frying Bacon

Motor Oil

Army-Navy Surplus Store

Hot Engine

Chainsaw Exhaust


Freshly Paved Road

'62 Chevy truck - Interior and Exhaust

Bacon Cheeseburger

Diesel Engine Exhaust

Rubbing Alcohol

The Ballpark

Freshly Mown Grass


Toasted Marshmallows


Latex Paint

Arc Welding

New Tires

Freshly Moved Dirt

Petroleum Products:

Burning Grass or Leaves



Our camping trip of 2010...

It's been two years since our last camp out [1], and so my son Mark and I were eager to find a weekend when we were both free to go camping at the Davidson River Campground in the Pisgah National Forest. The past several times we have gone, we were disappointed to find the campground full when we arrived on Friday evening. We had to go to another campground about 30 minutes away from all the things we enjoy doing. I decided that that was not going to happen to us this year!

Since I didn't have any classes Thursday afternoon, Becka and I drove up to Davidson River and set up the tent, paying for an extra night to assure a weekend there. We celebrated my birthday that evening by having dinner at the Pisgah Fish Camp, just minutes from the campground.

Mark and I left Friday evening, happy to know we had a campsite in our favorite campground and happy not to have to set our tent up in the dark. We got a campfire going, settled a few things into the tent, and proceeded to cook dinner over the fire. After that it was s'mores and talk around the campfire and then off to bed.

picture of Looking Glass Rock

Saturday we did our favorite hike to the top of Looking Glass Rock [2]. On this hike you climb about 1,700 feet in altitude on a 3.2 mile trail. Here's a picture of Mark by the sign before we began our hike.

picture of Mark before hike

Our sweatshirts felt good at first, but we soon peeled them off. After our hour and a half hike, here's a view of the scenery from the top. Mark pointed out the spot where he proposed to Katie up there. 🙂

picture of view from Looking Glass Rock

Here's a picture of me, drinking in the amazing beauty and some water.

picture of view from me on Looking Glass Rock

We had planned to go down Sliding Rock after our hike, as we do every time we go camping, but both decided that we really didn't want to get that cold, especially since we were both having various pains and cramps in our legs and feet after our hike. Swimming in 55° water did not seem wise. We just went there and watched the two or three crazies going down and enjoyed it vicariously. I have a picture of me doing Sliding Rock and a little video clip in this post [3] if you're interested.

Back at the campsite we were surprised when a train came around our loop! That's something new since our last time camping there.

picture of view from campground train

Saturday night the temps dipped to the upper 30s. We were snug in our sleeping bags and were surprised in the morning at how much colder it felt outside the tent than inside. We were also astonished to see the man in the campsite next to ours. He must have had a very good sleeping bag!

picture of view from camping neighbor

We ate well on this camping trip. Our evening meals over the campfire were pizzas one night and hobo dinners the other. The breakfasts were French toast one morning, and omelets the other. It was a great weekend, and we were very glad we made time to enjoy each other's company and make lasting memories. Mark and I have a very similar sense of humor, and of humor this weekend, there was plenty. But there was also plenty of serious thinking and good discussion as well. After I was back home for a few hours, I was reminded that it was also an added blessing to be away from political ads for 48 hours! 🙂

Do you have any favorite smells that you would like to suggest for scented candles? Are there any other camping enthusiasts among my readers?


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