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Stomp Rockets Anyone?

Today's post is some sweet pictures of us enjoying one of Drew's fun gifts this year — Stomp Rockets [1]! Megan found them for a good price on Amazon.

Here's Drew launching one.

Drew Rocket

Here's another one of him after he got the hang of it better.

Drew Rocket Take 2

Here's Grandma launching one.

Becka Rocket

Here's Aunt Nora coming in for a landing.

Nora Rocket

Here's one of Uncle Topher.

Topher Rocket

Maddie wanted to get in on the action too, but since she can't walk yet, Daddy Jim helped her.

Jim Maddie Rocket

Megan probably won the prize for her aerial pursuits.

Megan Rocket

Finally here I am in one of my attempts.

Rob Rocket

Mark, Katie, and Ryan were at Katie's folks for Christmas Day, so when we get together with them this week, I'll see if we can capture some pictures of them trying out the Stomp Rockets. Hope someone in your family got a fun Christmas gift this year. I'll be back at you next week/next year!


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