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Our Summer Housing

As I promised, here is an entry about our housing this summer. If you go back into history in the Asian blog entries, you will see that our apartments this summer were a definite up-grade from last year's and that we are far from suffering. Our apartment last year was one of the ones where they house their foreign teachers. It is in one of those that our friend Ruth lives. Apparently none of those was available this year, so they found Chinese staff members who would be traveling on their summer break and subleased their apartments for us. My wife and I have been staying in the apartment of a married couple who teach here. He has a doctorate, and so their apartment is quite nice. Below are two shots of the living room in our apartment, one from each direction.

living room

living room

The kitchen is also very nice. Below are two shots of the kitchen. The first one shows the counter on which is sitting the bottled water we must drink since tap water isn't safe.

kitchen counter

This picture shows the one side of the kitchen where we have a microwave, dish sterilizer, and refrigerator. (We don't know how to use the dish sterilizer, so it is just for dish storage. It helps keep the resident ants and roaches off the clean dishes.

kitchen appliances

Our bedroom is quite comfortable and beautiful with a bed larger than ours at home.


The bathroom is quite nice too, as you'll see below.


There's an office with one wall completely lined with books. On the other side of the office is "IV Central."

IV Central

Becka has especially enjoyed the laundry facilities this year. Below are two pictures - one of our washer and another of our "dryer." And it's all on a screened-in balcony.

our washer

our clothes drying facilities

From that balcony, we feel like we're in a real-life version of Alfred Hitchcock's thriller "Rear Window." We can observe and hear the goings-on of the 18 apartments across from ours. We hear piano practice, singing, arguments, and you name it. Last Saturday we were awakened for the first time to a rooster crowing. We didn't hear it the next morning. Now, where could that rooster have gone??? Here's a view from our "rear window."

rear window

In addition to the roaches and two kinds of ants, others share our apartment with us. Most notably are several geckos. It's really weird and scary when they scream for no apparent reason! Below are two pictures - one near the ceiling and the other silhouetted on a window.

gecko near the ceiling

gecko in silhouette

Jean and Yvonne stayed in our apartment for the first four nights until a dean left on vacation. They insisted that Becka and I take the bedroom and they would sleep in the living room. Below is a picture of our living room where Yvonne slept in mosquito netting on foam on the floor and Jean slept on our couch. This shot is Yvonne trying to get the fitted sheet onto the foam.

Yvonne getting in tent, not intense

So when they moved into the dean's apartment, they were *really* upgraded! However, since the dean's forte does not seem to be housekeeping, we are not able to show as many pictures of their place. Below you will several rooms of that apartment so you can see how beautiful it is. First the living room, complete with a huge plasma TV.

the dean's living room

Here's a peek into the kitchen....

the dean's kitchen

Here's a view down the hall leading to the three bedrooms....

the hallway

Here's a shot of the master bedroom....

master bedroom

I will probably not be able to add an entry about our classes until after we're back home and I have internet access again. Tomorrow is our last day here, and I will not have time to do any blogging. Fortunately, there will *always* be time for blaguing.

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