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Bringing Home the Bacon

picture of bacon heart

Do you love bacon? I wouldn't say that I love it, but I do enjoy its taste and smell. We use bacon sparingly in our house, mainly as a flavoring in other dishes. I know some people who absolutely love bacon and can't seem to get enough of it. Would you classify yourself in that category? You may not know how crazy some people are about bacon ... or maybe you do. Read on.

In past posts I've featured several pictures of some bizarre bacon products:

bacon lip balm

picture of bacon product

bacon dipped in melted chocolate

picture of bacon product

and bacon soap

picture of bacon product

picture of bacon sign

Doing some looking around online, I've recently seen some other bacon products that I found quite interesting and in some cases downright amazing. The first several below are the finds that got me started in searching further. Read on to see what strange bacon products there are out there! Follow the bacon....
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