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Redneck Boats

With summer officially ending this week and the arrival of much-welcomed autumnal temperatures and colors, people living in colder climes have either already removed their boats from the water or will probably be doing so soon. One of my younger readers (Hi Ben!) asked me this past week to put out some more redneck pictures. With those two thoughts in mind, I decided this might be a good time to do a post on rednecks boats. In earlier posts I've shown examples of just how much ingenuity and imagination there is among rednecks.

Rednecks Catfish Bait

As I searched online for better, clearer versions of some of the pictures I had in my files, I ran across a website that sells a special soap used as bait to catch catfish. (I didn't even know you could catch catfish with soap!) One thing in particular that I found amusing is that the company calls its own product Rednecks Catfish Bait Soap. Learn more about it by going to http://www.catfishbaitsoap.com

Of course, the arrival of cold weather does not keep some rednecks from doing things with boats. Here's a redneck ice fishing boat.

picture of redneck ice fishing boat

If you need to transport your boat to the water, you need a boat trailer. Here's an example of necessity's being "the mother of invention."

picture of redneck boat trailer

Once you get the boat to the water, you need to know how to use a ramp to get it from the trailer into the water.

picture of redneck boat ramp

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