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Love Me, Love My Dog

This is kind of an interesting twist on men vs. women. I want to make it clear that I didn't write *any* of these things. I'm just proficient at "tidying up" things that others have sent me. I'm posting this one with a bit of fear and trembling since it's more than just a little non-PC. I had my wife read it first, just to be sure that I've deleted all the very "meanest" things. Enjoy!

How dogs and men are alike...

Both keep moving, even when they are lost.

Both take up too much space on the bed.

Both have irrational fears about the vacuum cleaner.

Both are threatened by their own kind.

Both are color blind.

Neither understands what you see in cats.

Both want dominance.

The larger ones tend to drool.

The smaller ones tend to be more nervous.

Both do the dishes by licking them clean.

Both chase cars.

How dogs are better than men...

Dogs don't have problems expressing affection in public.

Dogs miss you when you are gone.

You can train a dog.

Dogs are very direct about wanting to go out.

Dogs mean it when they kiss you.

When dogs play "fetch", they don't laugh at how you throw.

No dog ever put on 100 pounds after reaching adulthood.

Dogs understand it when some of their friends aren't allowed to come inside.

Dogs don't care if you're not beautiful.

Dogs will not criticize you if the dinner is not perfect.

A dog will not blame you for not remembering something he never told you.

If you put on a little weight, dogs will like you just as well.

Dogs don't care if you get old.

Dogs are not always bragging about how macho they are.

How dogs and women are alike...

Both can eat five pounds of chocolate in one sitting.

Neither understand football.

Both are good at pretending to listen to every word you say.

Neither believe that silence is golden.

Neither can balance a checkbook.

You can never tell what either of them is thinking.

How dogs are better than women...

Dogs love it when your friends come over.

Dogs think your singing is great.

A dog's time in the bathroom is confined to a quick drink.

Dogs don't expect you to call when you are running late - the later you are, the more excited dogs are to see you.

Dogs can appreciate excessive body hair.

If a dog is gorgeous, other dogs don't hate it.

Dogs don't shop.

Dogs like it when you leave lots of things on the floor.

Dogs never need to examine a relationship.

A dog's parents never visit.

Dogs love long car trips.

Dogs understand that instincts are better than asking for directions.

Dogs don't hate their bodies.

Dogs don't cry.

No dog ever put on 100 pounds after reaching adulthood.

Dogs never expect gifts.

Dogs don't worry about germs.

Dogs would rather have hamburger than lobster for dinner.

You never have to wait for a dog; they are ready to go out 24 hours a day.

Dogs have no use for flowers, cards, or jewelry.


Several have asked about the pictures at the top of the blog. The panorama is of Paris. Most of them feature the Eiffel Tower.

If you're browsing with Firefox, the RSS feed for the blog is in the address bar at the top. Otherwise, please add the blog to your favorites.

The past couple of days it's been interesting to read email reactions to my decision to share my iv's online only. The comments have been a mix of what I thought they'd be - "WAAAAAAAAA! Now I have to remember to do something other than click on an email! Bummer!" "I was surprised you hadn't done this sooner!" "I'm sad, but I completely understand." "Cool! I like RSS feeds and blogs better than email anyway!"

The funniest I received was, "So Mr. Loach, you're both retro and hip! Retro enough to use Windows 98 at home, hip enough to use Thunderbird and have an RSS feed! :)"

I realize that possibly fewer people will end up reading my iv's and updates, but this really is going to simplify my life - I won't be doing anything extra since I was already posting the iv's on the blog and in the archives. I just won't have to deal with all the email hassle, which was *huge*!

I thank those of you who understand, and especially to those who are reading this right now! You have braved technology to get here!

Hope everyone had a great Bonza Bottler Day yesterday!


With Super Bowl XLI in mind ... "Football combines the two worst features of American life - violence and committee meetings." - George Will

=^..^= =^..^=

Lord, make me the kind of person my dog thinks I am.

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Lives Touching Lives

At church yesterday morning we learned that Dr. Walter Fremont had passed away earlier that morning. In December he and his family celebrated 20 years of his survival after being diagnosed with ALS - Lou Gehrig's disease in December 1986. He has to be among those who have lived the longest with this horrible disease. And it wasn't even the ALS that caused his death - it was internal bleeding!

Dr. Fremont's influence on me as a student in several of his classes was huge, much greater than I realized at the time. His love for the Lord and for people and his enthusiasm for life and service were evident to all his students and left a mark on us all. If he had not encouraged us to go visit the displays at the Principals' Conference on campus my senior year, I would probably not be a teacher now. And now as I teach I feel greater freedom just to be myself because of his example. I remember his standing on his desk and doing many other zany things to get or keep our attention or to get his points across.

In my summer work as an IT tech, I worked on his computer this past summer at Barge Hospital on campus. Even with his severe limitations, he was cheerful and encouraging as always. He even used his only finger and thumb that he could still move to give his repaired computer a command to tell me thanks, praise the Lord, and have a great day!

Furthermore my wife and I counted his daughter Elaine Fremont as a good friend and were shocked and saddened by her sudden death in an automobile accident in the mid 90s. Like her dad, her life was about others rather than self. I have a page on my site about a holiday she invented - Bonza Bottler Day. You can read about it on the official page her family has put up about the holiday, Official Bonza Bottler Day website.

I'm sure Dr. Fremont and Elaine are enjoying a grand reunion after over 10 years of separation.

For those interested - the visitation will be this evening (Monday) from 6:30-8:30 in the War Memorial Chapel on the campus of BJU and the funeral service will be Tuesday evening at 7:00 at Hampton Park Baptist Church here in Greenville.

As I reflected on Dr. Fremont's impact on my life, I thought I'd send a special iv early this week to honor him and the way he touched lives.


Do famous and powerful people wear sunglasses because the spotlights blind them to reality? Maybe they suffer from a delusion that earthly power means something. (It doesn't.) Some may suffer from the misconception that titles make them special. (They don't.) Others have the impression that temporal authority always makes an eternal difference. (It doesn't always.)

To prove the point, take this quiz:

1. Name the ten wealthiest people in the world.
2. Name the last ten Heisman trophy winners.
3. Name the last ten winners of the Miss America contest.
4. Name five people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer prize.
5. How about the last decade's worth of World Series winners?

How did you do? I won't tell you how poorly I did. I think most people don't do very well on it. With the exception of you trivia hounds, most of us don't remember the headliners of yesterday too well. Surprising how quickly we forget such "important" things, isn't it? And those categories mentioned above are no second-rate achievements. These are purportedly the best in their fields. However, the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten. Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners.

Here's another quiz. See how you do on this one:

1. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.
2. Name ten people who have taught you something worthwhile.
3. Name five friends who have helped you in a difficult time.
4. List several teachers who have aided your journey through school.
5. Name half a dozen heroes whose stories have inspired you.

Easier? It was for me, too. The lesson? The people who make a difference are often not the ones with this world's acclaim, but the ones whose lives truly touch other lives.


This is Rob again...
Some of you have had profound influences on my life (and I thank you for it), and some of you have been influenced by mine. (I hope it's been for the good.) Our life touches other lives, for good or for ill. Let's all keep trying to have a positive influence on the lives we touch. Things are temporal ... people are forever.


"Do I see my world as a tourist or as a missionary? Do I just admire the beauty of the attainments or do I see the bondage and death?" - Dr. Drew Conley

=^..^= =^..^=

Teachers live forever in the hearts they touch.

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