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Haiti Update

I had asked prayer in my post yesterday morning for Dr. Frank Garlock and Mrs. Sarah Bennett specifically. The families of each received word yesterday afternoon that they have been found and are doing fine. There are certainly many more needs there that need our prayers and our financial assistance. If you would like to give something that you are sure will go to meet the real needs of real people, there's a link on Bibles International's site giving a way you can help. The people at Bibles International are fine folks and I'm sure they will target your gifts to those they can best help.

Just last week I had run across a picture online of how the earthquake epicenters are where the tectonic plates are located and pondered several regions. Here's a smaller version of the picture. You can click on it to see an enlarged version.

picture of earthquake epicenters

One thing I noticed last week was that there's a huge band going through the Caribbean, right where Haiti sits. When I heard about the earthquake, my thoughts went back to the map I had just seen. My heart goes out to the people in Haiti who are going through this. If you know of other specific needs, please add them to the comments to this post so that we can join you in praying for them.

school update...

The semester is off to a good start ... at the point of this posting, two classes down this morning, two to go this afternoon, and I will have met all my students for this semester.


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