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Where Is Beauty?

Some years ago my readers and I compiled a list of funny/punny beauty salon names.

I have recently seen several signs for beauty salons that made me smile or laugh. Here they are. The first one sounds like a place for some pretty serious adjustments.

Hair Mechanix

The second one promises ... I'm not sure what.

Looks To Kill Salon

Please keep an eye open and a camera handy for funny signs for me.

Tonight starts our annual Bible Conference at school. They've moved it to February and it's more compact and focused. This year's theme is the Sufficiency of Christ. I believe many sessions will be webcast if you'd like to check out the link.


"Our hope and mission are the same, no matter who sits in the White House." — Drew Conley

=^..^= =^..^=

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hairstyle you like ... for a few days.

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How to Deal with a Stray Cat

For seventeen years we had more than one cat. Counting strays who lived in our yard, at one time we had a total of eight cats (!), only three of which lived indoors. We were sure that stray cats put symbols in front of our house, much as hobos had done, to let other strays know that we were a soft touch. There are far fewer strays in our current neighborhood.

Almost three years ago when the two cats we had had the longest died within a few months of each other, we found ourselves without any pets. A little over two years ago our vet contacted us to let us know she had a really nice cat that needed a good home, and she thought of us. We weren't sure we were ready to have a cat again in our lives at that time, but we caved and Buddy became a part of our household. (Did I mention that we were a soft touch?)

During many of the years we had multiple cats, our kids were still living at home. Therefore there was lots going on and the cats got plenty of attention. When Buddy joined us, we were empty-nesters, and he has found life with two quiet oldsters a little boring, we fear. With that boredom came some behavioral issues. So we took out a "loaner" cat from The Cat Clinic to see if having a companion would improve his behavior. So far the two cats are on friendly terms and seem to be adjusting well.

Unnamed Cat

We still haven't come up with a name for the new little cat but are considering some having to do with mustaches. To me, he looks like a little Frenchman. We're open to suggestions. Several that we like are Poirot...
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How They Got Their Name

Have you ever wondered how some companies got their name? Several days ago a reader sent me a link to a video clip — an interesting, short report on where several product names came from. This got me to wondering how many products I use or know of whose names have interesting and perhaps forgotten origins. I found an exhaustive (exhausting?) list on Wikipedia and on several other sites. I'm sharing only the ones my readers might enjoy. I did research myself to verify and flesh out several. Some I knew, some I had forgotten, and others were quite fascinating to learn about.

A&P – from the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company.

A&W Root Beer – named for the family names of founders Roy Allen and Frank Wright

Adidas – from the name of the founder Adolf (Adi) Dassler

Adobe Systems – from the Adobe Creek that ran behind the house of co-founder John Warnock

Alcoa – Aluminum Company of America

Aldi – a combination of Albrecht (name of the founders) and discount

Amoco – American Oil Company – now part of BP

Apple – Steve Jobs had worked during the summer at an apple farm and believed apples to be the most perfect fruit. He and Steve Wozniak were trying to figure out a name for their new company, and they decided that if they couldn't think of one by the end of the day that was better, they would choose Apple. They couldn't, so on April 1, 1976, Apple Computer, Inc. was born.
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What’s in a Name?

picture of name tag

Back in 2001 before I had my blog and was doing everything through e-mail, my readers and I did an "interactive iv" on one particular theme. I had heard several puns along the line, "So I said to the librarian, "Paige, ...." and "So I said to the accountant, "Bill, ...." Giving a couple of those as fodder, I opened it up to my readers to send me similar puns where a person's job and name were closely related. They could be real or imaginary people. Well, my readers came through big time and by e-mail I accumulated a list of about 170 different puns!

I shared them with my ivman mailing list at that time, and now, 10 years later, I'm posting them to my blog. As I added the puns to the list, I tried to be judicious in my selection. I received far more submissions than the ones I included. I chose only those that are actual jobs (and not just hobbies) and those where the name is either what the worker actually does or the name has a very strong (or fairly obvious) connection to the actual job. But even then, I've probably left some on the list that are still a bit of a "stretch." Enjoy! (or not....) 🙂

So I said to the nun, "Abby, ...."
So I said to the stunt pilot, "Ariel, ...."
So I said to the museum curator, "Art, ...."
So I said to the chimney sweep, "Ash, ...."
So I said to the grave-digger, "Barry, ...."
So I said to the archer, "Beau, ...."
So I said to the carillon player, "Belle, ...."
So I said to the fireman, "Bernie, ...."
So I said to the accountant, "Bill, ...."
So I said to the goat herder, "Billy, ...."
So I said to the audio technician, "Blair, ...."
So I said to the canning factory worker, "Blanche, ...."
So I said to the cowhand, "Brandon, ...."
So I said to the lifeguard, "Bob, ...."
So I said to the horse trainer, "Buck, ...."
So I said to the horticulturist, "Bud, ...."
So I said to the demolitionist, "Buster, ...."
So I said to the barber, "Butch, ...."
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How It Looks from Here

I greatly enjoy pictures where, whether by contrivance or by serendipity, elements in the picture line up to create a humorous effect. I've done several other posts with such pictures — Can We Believe What We See? and Perspectives.

Today I'm posting some more pictures that have come my way.

These poor people just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when their pictures were snapped.

picture with a certain perspective

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