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BBQ and Final Days of Class

Last evening (Wednesday) we were invited to a special farewell barbeque by Mr. Chen, the man who runs the student canteen where we eat lunch each class day. He moved several tables out on to a balcony, and we enjoyed a relaxing, delicious meal under a beautiful sky. The temperature was quite pleasant thanks to heavy rain earlier in the day. As our evening drew to a close, we were treated to a beautiful sunset. Below is a picture of most of the group present and a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Chen, our gracious hosts.

the group at the barbeque

Mr. and Mrs. Chen, our hosts

Our final day of classes is tomorrow (Friday), and as I look over the blog, I realize that I have not posted any pictures of our students. Below is one picture from each of our classes....

Here are some of Becka's students working on a project:

students working on a project

Here are some of my students listening to me drone on:

students enthralled with my lesson

As we end our teaching time here, we are realizing how much we are going to miss these dear young people. They have welcomed us so warmly, and now they are showering us with gifts, cards, and emails expressing their appreciation for our classes. I must tell you something that we have been laughing about all day, me more so than Becka. One of my students wrote an email to thank me for my teaching, and in his note he made the following comment, "You are a very good person. Your wife is very graceful indeed, despite her great age. You are very humerous . You can make us happy in your class." (And yes, she knows I'm posting this!) 😀

On a little grocery shopping excursion this afternoon, I captured a few now familiar sights close to our apartment. These are scenes that we will miss.

a woman carrying her wares to the her "shop" on the sidewalk...

a merchant carrying her wares

a shop where you can buy all sorts of household necessities...

a typical housewares shop

a row of shoe repair shops on the sidewalk...

several shoe repair shops on the sidewalk

and another type of taxi available almost anywhere...

in case a conventional taxi is not your style

In case you're wondering what her face looks like...


And why on earth these women who "drive" these taxis all dress like this in 100 degree weather I will never understand - but they *do*!

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Bastille Day and the Market

Since today was Bastille Day, our class topic was the French Revolution, Franco-American relations, and the story of the structure built to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution - the Eiffel Tower. We viewed a great video I had brought along that told the story of the building of the tower and many historical facts surrounding the tower since its building.

This afternoon, since Ruth had an errand in the old section of town, we went along to see what it was like. One of the interesting things we saw there was the open air street market. There were sights and smells that were totally resistable!!!

In keeping with the tradition of a picture being worth a thousand words, I'll post some pictures below with minimal comment.

One street in the market area...

Open air market

The fresh produce was much nicer than the fresh (?) meat...

Fresh meat

Dried meats of all kinds were abundant, like the dried fish below...

Dried fish of all sorts

When I saw a basket of one of their delicacies, I had to snap a picture.

Chicken feet - a real delicacy here

In case you can't tell, that's chicken feet!

Some people prefer to buy live animals and prepare them themselves. We saw live creatures in cages and swimming in containers - chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, rabbits, house cat (seriously!), fish, many varieties of turtle, eel, and even snakes...

You can\'t get your snake much fresher...

... or if you prefer the convenience of dried snakes, all tied up in a pretty pink ribbon...

unless, of course you prefer the convenience or taste of dried snake

More updates will follow as situations present themselves to us.

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