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The Cat Burglar

In the last several weeks, because various families in our neighborhood have been burglarized, we've all been living with heightened awareness. With thoughts of all that swirling through my head, imagine my horror to be the victim of a stolen wallet this week!

I went to Walmart after my last class Monday afternoon to pick up a few items and a couple of prescriptions. When I reached for my wallet to pay, it was gone! I retraced my steps, ran out to my truck to see if it had fallen out there, and then ran back into the store. It was nowhere to be found. I remembered several shoppers brushing against me and knew that I must have been pickpocketed. My mind and body kicked into overdrive as to what to do first.

I drove back to campus to see if it was in my office or my classroom and checked with the teacher who had taught in that room the hour after I did. No wallet. My next stop was my bank to put a stop on my bank card and to get a new one. It's a real trick to prove who you are when every form of identification is in your stolen wallet. Fortunately I could tell the banker several specific transactions (complete with dollar amounts) on that account in the past week. No other purchases had been made on my card, so at least I was able to stop access to my account through my old card.

After leaving the bank with my new card (hooray for TD Bank [1] — their ads about fast replacement cards are not just hype), my next stop was the DMV to get a new driver's license before they closed. Once again, I experienced the grief of trying to establish my identity with not a shred of ID on me, except my new bank card. Believe it or not, I was in and out of the DMV in about 30 minutes! Nothing else essential needed to be handled that afternoon, so exhausted and hungry I headed for home.

Upon arrival, I went to check and see if I had simply forgotten my wallet that morning, but alas, it wasn't in its usual place. I even looked under the furniture in that area, just to be sure. Nada. As Becka and I discussed the whole nasty experience, I began to make a list of all the things in my wallet that I would have to replace or do without. A little later I thought I would just go look one more time to see if I had just overlooked my wallet, but it was indeed gone.

The Lord brought to mind the fact that our cat had knocked some things off the top of the bookcase just the other day, and so I started to look in unlikely places nearby. I was shocked and relieved to find my "stolen wallet" wedged between the bookcase and my dresser. Here's a picture:

My Wallet

Cat Burglar

Oh. My. Word. Instead of a pickpocket, I was the victim of a "cat burglar!" I decided then and there that Buddy had just used up 8 of his 9 lives! After all, this is the same cat who climbed up the chimney in our fireplace [2] a year and a half ago. A few months ago our remote for the TV went missing. We looked high and low for that remote, to no avail. Then we wondered if Buddy might have gotten up on the counter while we were gone (something he knows he's not supposed to do!) and playfully knocked it into the trash can at the end of that counter. I painstakingly went through every bag of trash and was delighted to find it, in the final bag, of course! (Fortunately this happened before trash pickup that week.) You know what they say, "When the humans are away, the cats will play."

In dishonor of this most recent display of "cat burglary" at our residence, I'm posting a few pictures I've accumulated of cats caught in the act of robbery. I will post them with no commentary. The pictures pretty well say it all.

Thieving Cats

Pen Thief

Cats are especially well known for snitching food. Their techniques are quite varied.

Fish Thief

Lunch Thief

Food Thief

Snack Thief

Milk Thieves

It's a good thing that some cats are cute. I know some would dispute that, but they really are. Sorry. 🙂

Someone told me that my latest adventure is just one more reason to hate cats. I'm still not to that point, but as exhausted as I was last night after several hours of terror and running, I could have easily put Buddy out of my misery! As long as you continue to see the cat in my sig line below, you will know that Buddy hasn't used up that 9th life ... yet. 😉

Please share your cat stories in the comments. =^..^=

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