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This Could Be a Sign

The other day on my way to school, as I was sitting at a light behind a trash truck, I realized there was a photo-op sitting right in front of me, waiting to be captured. Here's the picture I snapped:


As I "ruminated" about someone's thinking that a trash truck needed to be labeled "inedible," I realized that it had been a while since I had posted some signs. Not many have accumulated since my January 2 post, but here's what I've got.

Our house needs a sign like this next one.


While I admire the honesty of this next sign, I wish they'd give the exact location.


This next sign must be in front of an Asian market or restaurant.


What is wrong with this next sign?


This final sign would have been a good one for a post right before swimming pools are opened for the summer.


Thanks to those who help keep me supplied with material for blog posts!

One of my readers gave me an idea of something to do instead of deleting the final cat in my sigline. I've put all five housecats who have owned us, complete with halos, into my sigline below.


"Personal suffering is a divine catalyst of personal holiness." — David Schindel


If vegetarians love animals so much, then why do they eat all their food?