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Warm Thoughts in December

By the weather here in Greenville, you would not know it's December. But I realize that some of you readers have already had snow this fall. Since winter is coming soon to most of my readers, I'm sharing some ideas today for staying warm.

I saw the following picture on Facebook recently.

I guess the idea is that hopping around in a sleeping bag would look ridiculous, so this would look better? But if you love camping and struggle with somnambulance (sleep walking), sleeping bag pants could be just the thing for you!

I decided to look around online to see what other innovative items for keeping warm were available.

If you're not into something like the sleeping bag pants, you could go for the super hero look. Here's a picture of a hooded Superman Onesie [1].

Or if you want to go with a more recent craze, there's also a hooded Batman Onesie [2].

When I did a Google search for footed pajamas for adults [3], I was amazed at how many pictures there were! And most were not super heroes. 🙂

If you'd rather be a lounging super hero, there's a Batman Snuggie that might be more to your taste.

There are also Spiderman Snuggies and Wonder Woman Snuggies.

I found them all on amazon.com, but they're not Snuggie brand. On Amazon they're called "comfy throw blankets."

For moms with young babies, there's something called Peekaru fleece jacket [4].

There are also hoodies available for pets [5]. The one below is designed for dogs, but a cat owner, knowing what heat-seekers cats are, bought one for his kitty.

Some people have taken tree hugging to a whole new level. They're knitting sweaters for trees!

Actually, when I did a web search for "tree sweaters," I was surprised how many there are out there!

It may not be too late to put one of these ideas on your Christmas wish list. If you've spotted other items to add to the warmth of the season, please share them in the comments.

Maybe the midwinter won't be as bleak this year. Sending warm thoughts your way.


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