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What Is the Perfect Age to Be?

a sign of the times

What age would you be if you could choose? Is there a perfect age? Small children want to keep being bigger and older, teens want to be in their early 20s, and on and on it goes. Some older people yearn for days when they were more agile and carefree.

At my stage of life, I can see that every age has its advantages and disadvantages. Something inside me still recoils when I'm offered a "senior discount" - it's like ... can that person really think I'm that old?! And yet who would doubt that I'm enjoying being a grandfather? 😀

I experienced one of the downsides today when my eye doctor told me that I have the beginning of a cataract in my right eye. He said I'm young to have this, but it's there. Someone please name another advantage for me ... quick!

My wife forwarded an e-mail to me yesterday with several funny perspectives on aging. I'll start off with a picture too scarily similar to the sign on the right above. Apparently this man was the "poster child" for the sign.

for real

Here's a comic strip that was in the e-mail.

hitting too close to home...

One of the pictures was a pie chart of a senior citizen's time usage.

life segment pie chart

Not all older folks are slow-moving geezers though, as attested by this sign.

hitting too close to home...

But older folks do need to be careful in their activities not to injure themselves. Here's an exemplary senior biker, the picture of health with his helmet.

careful senior cyclist...

Young folks need to be careful from their youth to avoid some problems in their "golden years."

please pass the sunscreen

Someone please pass me the sunscreen....

As I said earlier, an upside to this stage of life is being a grandparent. Here are a couple of pictures of our grandson Drew on the 4th of July - our little flag waver and watching the fireworks with Grandma.

waving the flag

enjoying the fireworks

Here's how he looked one year ago at the fireworks.

baby Drew at the fireworks

Ah! The upsides and downsides of being Drew's age! So I ask again - what age would you be if you could choose? What is the perfect age to be?

One of my readers (a history teacher) suggested a poll question for me - Which of these activities will be part of your 14th of July (Bastille Day) celebration? with several suggested activities - storming a prison, guillotining someone, etc. I laughed and immediately dismissed the idea.


"Grace trumps sin every time." - J.D. Crowley

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If we'd stop trying to be happy we would probably enjoy life more.