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What We Can Learn from TV and Movies, take 2

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Do you ever turn on your television mainly to learn things? ETV has all sorts of great, educational programming, but in our home we try to be careful as we sift through the information and misinformation available there. I would contend that we actually are constantly learning as we watch TV and movies. We are exposed to values and attitudes that, if we thought about them carefully, we would not otherwise give our time to or allow ourselves to be manipulated to embrace.

First as a parent and now as a grandparent watching Bugs Bunny with my grandkids, I have been amazed at how much of the humor in the cartoons I loved as a child went right over my head. But even in those seemingly innocent cartoons, as I have later watched them more critically at times, I have found lessons like dishonesty is all right, unkindness is normal and appropriate, etc. We need to be discerning about what we allow to shape our thinking.

On the lighter side of that, though, today I'm posting some humorous and at times bizarre lessons that we learn from what's portrayed on TV and in movies. I did a post with some other lessons about 3 years ago. If you like the ones in today's post, you can click on the link at the end of the post to see the post from 3 years ago.

What We Can Learn from TV and Movies

A cup of black coffee or a splash of cold water in face is enough to render the most inebriated person stone cold sober in a split second.

A hacker can easily get into the most sensitive computer in the world and guess the secret password in two tries.

All computer hackers are either handicapped or under 18 years old.

All computers are connected. You can access the information on the villain's desktop computer, even if it's turned off.

All dogs understand everything a human being is saying but simply cannot impart information as easily, especially in a time of a crisis.

All men are basically perplexed until a wiser female assists in resolving the dilemma with her intuition and natural insights into human nature.

All monitors display 2 inch high letters.

All single women have a cat.

All technology is plug and play — every computer can have any piece of technology attached to it with no problem.

All 20-year-old women are attracted to men three times their age.

Car engines cease functioning upon entering or exiting residential driveways.

During all police investigations, it will be necessary to visit a night club at least once.

Everyone has a guest room, two bathrooms, and a garage.

Explosions always happen in slow motion. When an explosion occurs, make certain you are running away from the point of detonation so the blast can send you flying, in slow motion, toward the camera.

Friendly policemen are always just a whistle away.

If a large pane of glass is visible, someone will be thrown through it before long.

If staying in a haunted house, women should investigate any strange noises wearing their nightgowns.

If a well-known face pops up in what seems to be a minor role, then they are the perpetrator.

If you decide to start dancing in the street, everyone you bump into will know all the steps.

If you find a town which looks deserted, it is probably deserted for a good reason. Take the hint and stay away.

If you lose a hand, it will cause the stump of your arm to grow by 15 cm.

If you need to reload your gun, you will always have more ammunition, even if you haven't been carrying any before now.

If your town is threatened by an imminent natural disaster or killer beast, the mayor's first concern will be the tourist trade or his or her forthcoming art exhibition.

IP addresses automatically supply the Feds with the physical address.

It is not necessary to say hello or goodbye when beginning or ending phone conversations.

Kitchens don't have light switches. When entering a kitchen at night, you should open the fridge door and use that light instead.

No one ever involved in a car chase, hijacking, explosion, volcanic eruption or alien invasion will ever go into shock.

People on TV or in movies never finish what they're drinking.

People only use the bathroom to "freshen up," "powder their nose," or shower. The toilet is for flushing deceased aquatic pets and sitting for conversation.

The Chief of Police will almost always suspend his star detective — or give him 48 hours to finish the job.

The more high-tech the equipment, the more buttons it has. However, everyone seems to know exactly how to use the equipment, even though the buttons aren't labeled.

When a person is knocked unconscious by a blow to the head, they will never suffer a concussion or brain damage.

You're likely to survive any battle in any war unless you make the mistake of showing someone a picture of your sweetheart back home.


If you liked those and would like to see some more, you can find them in my earlier post called What We Can Learn from TV and Movies [1].


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