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What’s Wrong with This Picture?

When I was a child I used to love those pictures where you had to try to find as many things wrong as you could. Now in my adult years I love even more pictures where there's something wrong, but not necessarily on purpose. Today's post is a series of pictures, each of which has something wrong with it.

I'll start off with some pictures related to food.

This sounds like my kind of health food!

Here are some random pictures with something wrong about them. For some you have to look closely to find the problem.

My fellow teachers at BJU might appreciate this next picture. (hint: RIP)

This last one makes me smile with its irony.

The only thing wrong with this picture of Drew and Maddie on Easter Day was that they were 700 miles from here. 🙁

To see several pictures from Ryan's first birthday party, check out Becka's latest blog post [1].

Our Easter eggs were of a different sort this year — bluebirds have a nest in our birdhouse out back. Here are the four eggs which should begin to hatch any day now.

Many thanks to those who keep me supplied with funny pictures!


"God's sovereignty is a great antidote for anger." – Charles Flesher

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