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Where Is Beauty?

Some years ago my readers and I compiled a list of funny/punny beauty salon names [1].

I have recently seen several signs for beauty salons that made me smile or laugh. Here they are. The first one sounds like a place for some pretty serious adjustments.

Hair Mechanix

The second one promises ... I'm not sure what.

Looks To Kill Salon

Please keep an eye open and a camera handy for funny signs for me.

Tonight starts our annual Bible Conference [2] at school. They've moved it to February and it's more compact and focused. This year's theme is the Sufficiency of Christ. I believe many sessions will be webcast if you'd like to check out the link [2].


"Our hope and mission are the same, no matter who sits in the White House." — Drew Conley

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Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hairstyle you like ... for a few days.